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Newtown High School Class of 1953

Newtown High School Class of 1953
Elmhurst, New York
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Information about the 55th reunion of the Class of 1953

Date/Time: Sunday, May 18, 2008 - 11:00 a.m. (Brunch)
Place: Marriott Hotel at LaGuardia Airport; 102-05 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst
Cost: To be determined. About $75 per person
Rooms reserved at $139 per night. Reservatons must be made by April 25. Mention event.
On-site Parking: $8 for event, $10 overnight
Contact Gary Mokotoff for information and reservations.
Those who attended the 50th reunion have a

Nearly 1,000 persons graduated Newtown in the January and June 1953 classes.
Shown here are only those for whom we have a postal or e-mail address.

January graduates have a blue border.
June graduates have a maroon border.

Marie D'Amico Profera 

After graduation I worked at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company until I got married and started a family in 1957. My daughter was born in 1958 and my son in 1961. We moved to Long Island in 1969 and have been there since. I was divorced in 1975 and remarried in 1980, and widowed in 1985. My daughter is a nurse, married with three children--16, 14, and 7--lives in South Carolina. My son is a postal worker, married with 2 boys 15 and 11 and living near me. I retired in 1997 as a library supervisor at SUNY StonyBrook and I'm enjoying every bit of it with my family and friends. How she looks today.
Hans Dahme

After Newtown,  he volunteered for the draft and served in Korea. After his discharge he held various minor jobs and in 1955 started to work for Pan American Airways at Idlewild, now JFK Airport. He met his wife, Maud Peper, there. We were married in July of 1957 on a TV show called Bride and Groom. Probably one of the first reality shows. Hans' ambition was to become an airline pilot. In 1961 he started work as a pilot with Mohawk Airlines, which became Allegheny Airlines, which became USAir and now is known as US Airways. We had four children and now have nine grandchildren. Hans died January 29, 2001. Submitted by his wife.
Kenneth Davern

Kenny Davern was
considered one of the premier jazz clarinetists of his generation. "Mr. Davern became nationally known in the 1970s when, with the pianist Dick Wellstood and another soprano saxophonist, Bob Wilber, he formed the Soprano Summit. The band toured the world and recorded several well-received albums." From his obituary in the New York Times.  He died December 12, 2006.
Dolores Davis Bicknese 

After graduating I went to work in the data processing department of Equitable Life. In 1956 I married Robert Bicknese, my childhood sweetheart (a Newtown 1952 graduate). We have a married daughter who has two daughters and a married son who has five sons. My husband's job with the New York Daily News as a photographer, has given us a very interesting and fun life. We did things we probably would never have been able to do if it wasn't for his job. We spend our free time with our grandchildren, our friends some of whom we grew up with, and family. We do some traveling and spend our summers with my two children and their familes. The rest of our time is spent between our homes in New York and New Hampshire. Life has been good. How she looks today.
Vincent A. DeAngelis 

After graduation, I entered the graphic grts field. A few years later I was offered a position as instructor at the Manhattan School of Printing, (Lithographic Division). I was in the Army 1957-59. After basic training, I married Joan Goebig (Class of 55). I was sent to Germany for my tour of duty. Joan joined me there soon after. We have four children, and seven grandchildren. I retired from the lithographic field in 1993. We moved from Long Island to Monroe County, Pennsylvania, in Dec. 2001, and our new home was completed in May 2002. How he looks today.
Richard DeAngelo

After graduation I worked in a garden center then went in the Army for two years. After my military career, I joined the New York Police Department retiring in 1961. I had various jobs in business. In 1976 I started driving 18-wheelers and have been doing it unilt last year over the road and locally. I have one son and no grandchildren. I moved to Florida in 1992. Bad e-mail address
Angela DeBonis Domino 

From graduation until 1958 I had a great job as secretary to the nursing director of a Manhattan hospital. In 1957 I married a 1951 Newtown graduate. We have three children and are "nana" and "pa" to two granddaughters in Florida. We own a summer season business in an upstate New York resort town. Other seasons are spent on Long Island, our primary home since 1958, where I volunteered at church, schools, community groups and held a few jobs. Gratefully blessed with a loving family, cherished friends, the ability to work a little and travel a little, life is interesting and full. How she looks today
Edmund Degmayr
My professional career did not start until 1957 because I thought I would be drafted after graduating Newtown, but due to a family problem I received a deferment. I started as a junior draftsman and worked in the field all my life eventually reaching the position of mechanic designer and checker. In 1967, I married Evelyn DeAngeles, a 1957 Newtown graduate. I did not know her in high shcool but met her years later. We have two sons and a daughhter. All three along with my eldest son's wife are living in my home in Bayside. I an retired, in good health, and still have all my gray hair. Only postal address  known
Joan Dehler Walkling

In July 1954, 13 months after my graduation from Newtown, I married my sweetheart, Bob. We honeymooned across the U.S. enroute to Bob¹s last military destination, San Francisco. At 18, it was a heady experience! Our first child, a boy, was born in 1955 and then we had a girl and another boy. We are enjoying our retirement; Bob¹s from AT&T and American Express, mine from Motorola. We have 6 grandchildren, 3 girls and 3 boys, and love every minute we are with them. They live in Ft. Lauderdale, Sanford (FL), and Dallas. We have been fortunate to be able to travel throughout the U.S . and Europe numerous times and are now enjoying a busy retirement. 
Joseph DeMartis

Only postal address  known
Gina Marie DeRosa Cianciotto

Gina remained a very dear and close friend to me after we left Newtown. She married Matt Cianciotto and had four children. Matt died when her youngest child was 2 years old. She passed away in 1988. Reported by Rachele Ammirato De Biase
William DeVoti

After high school I was an undefeated amateur boxer. In the Golden Gloves final in my weight class. I had my opponent slumped on the ropes when I heard the bell ring and  retreated to my corner after an argument with the referee. He docked my score causing me to lose the fight by one point. God rang that bell! and I realized I didn’t want to spend my life beating up people. After working on dairy farms for a year I joined the U.S. Air Force for 4 years, and In Korea took some English courses with Professor Ivan Benson. My academic education proceeded from there to master’s degrees in education, English, and psychology, and a summer in Italy studying the Early Italian Renaissance with the brilliant Dr. William Cook. I retired with a full pension after teaching English in various schools, the last 27 years at Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, CT. For 15 years in retirement, I taught volunteer courses on William Shakespeare to adults at Taconic Learning Center in Salisbury, CT. Life in retirement with a pension is good and my wife and I travel in Europe at least once a year since 1985.

Joan Dickson Klaukemeyer

Died on 15 December 1990 as reported by Ken Messer. Postal address  of husband known.
Mary Didato Beaton Bad e-mail
MaryLou Charlotte Dienst Johnson 

postal address  known
Frances DiGiacomo LaPerla

postal address  known
Grace D'Iorio 

Grace passed away March 5, 1998 according to Joseph J. Levanti. She was married to Nick Caballuzzo and had two daughters.
Anthony DiSpirito 

After a two-year stint in the Army, I went into real estate and have been with the same firm for 47 years.. I am married, have four chuildren, and nine grandchildren. We alternate between our homes in Elmont and Largo, Florida. I recently read a book How to Retire Without Retiring and am doing so. Only postal address  known. How he looks today.
Julia DiStefano Bad e-mail address
Evelynn Doctors Halpner

After Newtown High School, I went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio for 1 1/2 years. Then came back to New York, went to secretarial school, then got a job at the American Broadcasting Company where I remained for 13 years working for the top level executives of about 5 or 6 regimes there. Got married, moved to Ridgefield, Connecticut. I am now divorced. Have one married son who lives in Pittsburgh. I am an administrative assistant for the CEO of an asset-based financial corporation here in Connecticut. Died December 30,  2003.
Michael Doller 

I've been married for 46 yrs. I worked as a sheet metal mechanic for 36 years until I took early retirement. I have four sons, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandson. I lived on Long Island for 38 yearrs and now live in Pennsylvania, 3-4 hours away from families. I go visit for all holidays and special occasions. Since retirement, I like to read, do gardening, and do some wood crafts and traveling. How he looks today.
Michael Donello 

After Newtown, I went to Queens College and graduated with a B.S. in accounting. While in college, I taught ballroom dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. I really wanted to be an actor/entertainer, but in those days we kids were influenced by our parents and bent over backwards to please them. I had a successful career in accounting management for over forty years working for companies such as Avon Products. I am married and am blessed with three wonderful children. After 14 years my wife and I decided to go our separate ways but were active together as parents to our children. Five years later I remarried and again was blessed with two more wonderful children. Three of my five children are involved in the entertainment field; one a singer and a music teacher, another pursuing a career in film acting and one pursuing a career in dance. Vicariously, I have my fantasy through my children. I am gainfully employed at 65, working for the State of Florida in fraud investigations.  How he looks today.
Elliott Donner  Bad e-mail address
Howard Duchin 

After Newtown I attended Columbia University at night while working in my father's wholesale food company. I stayed until 1967. I sold the company to a competitor and became a partner with them until 1985 and then became a food broker and importer. I do consultant work for the Quebec government for those in Canada who want to export to the US. After 50 years in the food service business, I can tell you more about a 7# can of tomatoes then you really want to know. I have four children--three girls and one boy--from my first marriage of 11 years and no additions with my second wife of 27 years. I live in Roslyn, Long Island and do not intend to retire; I like working and besides I told my wife I married her for better or worse but not for lunch. I really would enjoy hearing from and meeting more alumni. How he looks today.
Joanne E. Dziukiewicz Finck

Lives in Smithtown, NY according to a niece.
Richard Eberl 

After high school I went to Columbia Engineering School and then worked as an engineer for Republic Aircraft, Aerojet in California (rocket engines), and Grumman (lunar module) on Long Island from where I retired in 1994. Hetta and I were married in 1960 and live in Northport, New York. We have two children and six grandchildren who live in Northport and Aiken, South Carolina. I keep occupied with tennis, boating, golf and basketball and our condo in Florida.
Arline Egidio Bauch

After graduation I worked for Radiomarine Corp of America in Manhattan until 1956. I then worked as a legal secretary in Jackson Heights until 1962. I married in 1962 to Helmut Bauch, a watchmaker from Germany. We lived in Jackson Heights until 1964 when we moved to North Brentwood where we live now. We have two sons and two daughters. They are all married. Three live on Long Island and one lives in Florida. We also have five grandchildren. How she looks today.
Russell Ellis

He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in mechanical engineering. He was a lieutenant in the Air Force and served a year in Korea, followed by a year in Charleston, SC. He was married, had five children, and lived in Lakewood, Ohio where he died in 1999. Reported by Ruth Woolley Brotman.
Nurith Erenberg Gordon
Betty Fahrbach Pisani

After graduation, I worked for Con Edison as a secretary. In 1955 I married Dan Pisani and we had three children, two boys and a girl. We lived in Hollis until 1965 when we moved to Williston Park. My husband passed away in 1980. I now have six grandchildren. For the past 18 years I have worked at the National Center for Disability Services in Albertson, New York. Only postal address  known.
Robert Famularo 

I worked in banking and became an assistant vice president. After 20 years in the banking area, I embarked on owning my own office equipment and furniture business. I have two grown sons and four grandchildren. I am now retired. I volunteer in church and The Knights of Columbus. I enjoy golf, traveling & music. Married to classmate Marilyn Reilly. Only
postal address  known. How he looks today.
Arthur Farash

After Newtown I attended Cornell University College of Agriculture 1953-1955. Served in the Air Force 1955-1959 and Army 1959-1983. Served in Vietnam and Germany, retired with 28 years service in 1983 as Chief Warrant Officer-3 at Fort Lewis, Washington.  Retired in September 2004 from Washington State Patrol and now working my last job as an Army contract employee in Iraq screening prisoners at the Abu Ghraib Prison for 12 months. I am an active mountain climber, skier, search and rescue volunteer. Married to Marietta Hunziker since 1992 and live in North Bend, Washington. I remember graduation yearbook saying something about my being "the quietest boy in class."  How he looks today.
Brian Fasciotte

I was in the Navy for four years after Newtown. After the Navy I worked for Swingline Staples, Better Brands--a Miller beer distributor, and then for Miller Brewing itself. I developed my own beer distributorship and then went to work for Budweiser and one of its distributors. My wife Sandy and I moved to Florida in 1991 where I work as a manager of a golf course. Only
postal address  known. How he looks today.
Barbara J. Feller Stoia

After high school graduation, I went to work full time for Met Life at Madison and 23rd St. I was married in 1956 to John A. Stoia and we have six children--3 boys and 3 girls. They live all over the U.S. We also have seven grandchildren. We have lived on Long Island for 41 years after living in Corona for 4 years. Both are retired and just enjoying life.
Marion Felsmann Anglisano 

I worked as a secretary for an export-import company for 13 years after graduation. At the same time, I attended Hunter College at night and graduated with a BA degree in English literature. I married in 1962. We bought our house in Melville, New York and had two daughters. I was a stay-at-home mother until 1979 when I started working as a secretary for our local school district, retiring from the position in March 2001. My husband is also retired and we are enjoying our freedom from routine. Both our daughters are married. We have two grandsons.  Bad e-mail How she looks today.
Barry Feltz 

Only postal address known. How he looks today.
Lois Ferguson Hutwagner 

After graduation I worked briefly for Equitable Life in Manhattan. In 1954 I married Fred Hutwagner, lived in Maspeth and had four sons. In 1965, we moved to East Northport. From 1974 to 1995 worked as a principal's secretary in the Northport School District. Got divorced in 1983. Since 1996, I've lived in Palm Coast, Florida where I do a lot of volunteer work including the hospital, Civilian Observer Patrol, Little Theatre, Habitat for Humanity, ushering at Flager auditorium. My sons now live in North Carolina, Georgia and Oregon. I have four grandchildren, two boys and two girls.  How she looks today.
John Edward Fielis

postal address  known
Joyce Fischer Beaudoin 

Upon graduation from Newtown I worked for the US Army for about a year in Brooklyn. In April 1954 I went to work for General Motors in Manhattan and stayed there for 16 years in their personnel/payroll department. I married in 1960 and had my first child, a daughter, in 1970. The following year I had another girl. My husband's job transferred to Chicago and we moved in 1971. I did not like this area and we came back to New York two years later. This is course was a big problem and eventually broke up a marriage. I returned to work in 1982 with Citibank and remarried. I am now a widow as my husband died on Christmas day 2000. I am a grandmother of one child and spend a lot of my time baby-sitting now. Currently taking a short course in computers.
Theodore Fischer

Only postal address  known
Florence Fisher Herzog Bad e-mail address
Charles Fleisch

Died December 20, 1987 according to his family.
Henry Fleischer

Died in 1960 according to Robert White.
Annette Fleitman Steinberg

Died July 2000.
Rita Frenkiel Cole 

I married shortly after graduation. Two years after the birth of my first daughter we relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where my second daughter was born. We then moved to Los Angeles where I had my third daughter. We were divorced in 1984. A year later, my life changed radically when I met my second husband. He brought a daughter to the marriage and we now have four daughters, three granddaughters and one grandson (recent arrival). My husband's career in high technology took us to Colorado Springs, where we enjoyed building a home in the shadow of Pikes Peak. Twelve years ago we moved to the San Francisco Bay area where we plan on spending the rest of our lives. I have retired after a long career in inside sales with a number of semiconductor organizations. My husband is still active as the president of a company which produces parts for computers. In addition to being with our family, I have enjoyed traveling to many parts of the world. We particularly enjoy cruising. We are looking forward to a three-week trip to Germany next year. Bad e-mail address How she looks today.
Richard A. Gabriele 

I went to New York University after leaving Newtown and received my BA in 1958. At present, I am Chairman of the Board of Lifestar Response Corp, an east-coast ambulance and medical transportaiton company with 700 employees and 350 vehicles. Also recent appointed President and CEO of Robinson's Industrial Gas & Equipment Corp. My wife Bonnie and I live on Long Island. Hobbies include golf, tennis, skiing and bridge. 
Ann Gaigher

Ann is married with 2 daughters both married, and a number of grandchildren. Only
postal address  known
Rudolph Gehr 

Married Mariliyn Ziegler of the June Class of 1953. Their mutual bio appears under her name. How he looks today.
Bernice Gelbstein Rosenblum

After graduating from Newtown, I attended Queens College for 2 years, then Brown’s Business School and went to work as a secretary for a large engineering firm. In 1957 I married my childhood sweetheart, Kenneth Rosenblum, and worked while my husband was in the Army. I quit work to raise  two children and stayed at home until 1974 when I returned to the business world as a bookkeeper. While at home, I was very active in Cancer Care, being the President for two years and then Queens Regional President. I reside in Howard Beach with my husband of 50 years. We are the proud grandparents for 4 grandsons, ages 19, 16, 15 and 13.

Robert C. Gersitz

After Newtown I was drafted into the Army and then worked at Quaker Maid. There I met my wife, Evelyn, and we married in 1959. In 1961 I went to work for the Department of Sanitation and retired in 1981 with the title of foreman. I then was employed by the Deer Park School District as a bus driver. We reside there. We have four children and five grandchildren. [He died in May 2003.]
Josephine Giambattista Paul

postal address  known

Frances Girgus

Deceased according to Lois Ferguson Hutwagner
William Goetz

Bill grew up in Bellerose, New York, and after a stint in the Army married Barbara Gumbel.  He played the trumpet and the French Horn in the band at Newtown. Bill and Barbara moved upstate to just outside Saugerties and had three children: Pamela, William and Sandra. There are now five grandchildren. Barbara still lives in the house they built. Bill died on December 2,  1994. Reported by his brother, Richard Goetz
Maryann Golden

Deceased according to Rose Romanello Migliore.
Bruno Goldstein 

Arrived at Newtown in October 1949 from Brussels, Belgium, not knowing any English. Used to be called "Frenchie". Both my twin brother and I graduated with honors in January 1953. I remember holding the Bible at graduation; I guess it was an honor. After Newtown I completed my studies in civil engineering at CCNY in September 1957. Worked for the Department of the Navy as a project manager for the Eastern District until 1968 and then was the civil engineer (chief) for the New York State Urban Development and constructed such projects as the Javits Convention Center and the development of Roosevelt Island in New York. Working presently in private practice since 1996. Married to Harriet Sobie, an artist and teacher, since 1968. Two wonderful children, Hugh and Cynthia (2nd year law student) and two wonderful grandchildren, Benjamin and Arik. How he looks today.
Jack Goldstein 

After Newtown I went to CCNY where I obtained a Bachelor in Civil Engineering in 1957 and embarked on a career in that field. From 1973 to 1984, I spent most of my time in Nigeria, first as director of international operations for a large consulting firm, and later in my own business. During many of those years Nigeria was flush with funds from the quadrupling of oil prices and I was fortunate to work on the designs of some very large interstate highways, major bridges, dams and housing projects. From 1984 to 1990, I was director of international operations for a New York consulting firm and was involved with the design of large bridges. These projects took me to Brazil, Portugal, Nepal and India. Since 1990, I've slowed down a bit, and have been working with various consulting firms on projects within the U.S. I've been married to Rachelle (a.k.a. Lily) since 1959. We live in New Jersey and have three wonderful children (two lawyers and a journalist) and, best of all, five super grandchildren. How he looks today.
Richard Goodman 

After graduating from Newtown, I went to City College at night and worked days. Married a local girl from Jackson Heights in 1958 and lived there until we moved to Brentwood, Long Island in 1965. Spent 14 years there before moving to Smithtown. During that period my wife died leaving me with 3 young children. In 1983, my company Duffy Mott (Motts Apple Sauce) was bought by Cadbury Schweppes. The company located their headquarters to Stamford, Conn. So I left Long Island and moved to CT where I lived for the next seven years before retiring. I met and remarried a lovely lady from the Bronx. Moved to the northern part of the Catskills where we lived for the next nine years. After retiring from Schweppes, I became an over the road salesman for a Flavor company. Retired again and then moved to Toms River, N.J. Again got bored and went back to work in real estate. My youngest son (at 25) was killed in 1993. My oldest son and daughter gave me six grandchildren.  Bad e-mail address
James Gormley

After Newtown I went into the US Coast Guard for four years. I was stationed in Boston, Maine and Bermuda. I was at the rescue of The Andria Doria and Stockholm. In May 1961 I started work with the NYC Department of Sanitation. In August 1961 I married Dottie Mackay (Newtown '58) we lived in Maspeth. We moved to Little Neck and had two daughters. Five years later we moved to Mineola and had two sons. In 1981 after 20 years with NYC Sanitation I retired and moved on to work with the US Post Office. Stayed for four years, retired and moved to Florida. We decided to go back north in 1991 to be near our children. We live on Long Island and have two grandchildren. I like to garden and take weekend trips with my wife of 40 years. Only postal address  known. Died December 2003.
Leonore Gray Cruise
Barbara Greenwald Tallering
John Guest

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Class of January 1953:
Philip D'Amico, Valerie Del-Zio, Marilyn Theresa Demato, Edward P. DeNicola, Anna Derderian, Robert Dispensa, Robert Dominguez, Thomas Anthony Donohue, Joan Doscher, Joseph Drago, Helen A. Drogos, Ely Drysten, Catherine Duarte, Alan Robert Dutschke

Marilyn Emery, Queenie Eng, William A. Esposito, Marie Esteban

Marcia Fader, Stella Fernandez, Harvey S. Finke, Maureen E. Flynn, George F. Ford, Joseph Anthony Fortuna, Thomas Arthur Foster, Peter Arnold Frantzen, Frank Joseph Friedrich

Dorothea Gajdarik, Ann Gallo, Aurella P. Geipel, Cecelia M. Gennusa, Mary G. Gentile, June Ellen Gerst, Paul Glaser, Joseph Michael Grippo, Gerald Gross, Daniel Gruber, Ralph Guidone

Class of June 1953:
Marie Damiano, Julie David, Patricia Davis, Mary DeAngelis, Nancy DeBiase, Yolanda DeBiase, Rose DeCostole, Dolores DeFelice, Gloria DeGennaro, Philip Dellacona, Katherine Delvac, Norbert Denfeld, Doris Derwik, Paul DiBella, Marie DiCapite, Vincent DiGiola, Antoinette Dispensa, Theresa D'Onofrio, Geraldine Doscher, Rober Dramer, Douglas Edward Duffies, Walter Duncan, Jeanne Duport, Charles Dupree, Santina Duro, Anne E. Dursthoff, Sandra Dworkin

Robert Eaton, Della M. Eidt, Charles Eisenhardt, Eleanore L. Eller, Rhoda Ellgren, Elsie Enck, Gebhard Engel, Madeline Ernau, Rosemarie Esposito

Roberta Farone,Rosemarie Fede, Florence Feldman, Anthony Ferrara, Leo Fisco, Doris Ruby Fisher, Katherine Floros, Pearl Fluss, Barbara Formisano, Jack Frankel, Lois Franks, Roger Paul Fremgen, Ruth Fuller, Mary A Furnari

Eilleen Gaffney, John E. Galvin, Clara Garand, Anthony Garcia, Sheila P. Garfinkel, Concetta Garra, Palma Garra, Hedy Gawryszewski, Miriam Gebhardt, Ruth Geib, Edward Geiger, Thomas Genovese, Mary Giangregorio, Roseann Giovino, Estelle Gise, Angela Gisondi, Leonore Goldberg, Carole L. Goldman, Alan D. Goldsmith, Stanley Gordon, Paul S. Gotkin, Emanuel Grasso, Joseph Greenblatt, Irene Greene, Marshall B. Greene, Bruce George Gregory, Dolores Grippo, Paul Gross, Joseph Z. Gruber, Klaus D. Gruber, Maureen Guerin, Ann Gunerman

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