Looking for Classmates?

You don't see one of your classmates at our Class of 1953 site? Here are some suggestions for locating people living in the United States. If you find the person, e-mail us the address so we can contact them and have them join this reunion site.

There is an Internet site called
Classmates.com that lists people who have posted their name to the classmates.com database. When you go to the site, after a process of registering, they will walk you through the steps to reach the Newtown High School (Elmhurst, New York) list. Check to see if the person you seek is on the list. It costs money to get their e-mail address. Check with us to see if we have it on file.

There is a national U.S. telephone book on the Internet at
Switchboard.com. Key in the given name (first name) and surname (family name). If the person is not on the list, you may have the given name wrong. The person you know as Robert, might be in the database as Bob or just plain R. If the person you seek has an unusual surname, try again using the surname only.

Internet Search Engine
It is becoming more and more common for people to be somewhere, anywhere, on the Internet. Go to an Internet search engine (my favorite is call
Fast) and search for the person's name. First try searching placing the name in quotes (example: "John Smith'). That will cause the Internet to search for an exact match on the name. If there are no hits, remove the quotes and try again. Now you will get any Internet site that has either the word "John" and the word "Smith." Good search engines will favor those sites that have both words at the site.

Social Security Death Index
Alas, we are all aging, and sadly some of us have passed on. The
Social Security Death Index is a list of all persons who have died since 1962 for whom there has been a Social Security death claim. It means that virtually any person who died since 1962 who had a Social Security number is included in the list. When you search for the name, it will provide you with the person's date of birth, so even if you are looking for a John Smith, you will know that you are looking for someone who was born about 1934-37.