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The Unbroken Chain
by Neil Rosenstein
One of the best-known published Jewish genealogies. It traces the descendants of Rabbi Meir Katzenelnbogen of Padua through 16 generations to the present. More than 25,000 people are identified as descendants. "This is truly a compilation of the elite of Ashkenazic Jewry, and it is no surprise that one finds among their offspring some of this century's most important Jews in Europe, Israel, and America. A very high proportion of genealogies are those of the leading Hassidic dynasties: Levi Isaac of Berdichev, Halberstam, Rabinowitz, Horowitz, Rokeach, Shapiro, Spira, Teitelbaum, Twersky, etc."--Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern.

6½" x 9½" 1344 pp. (2 vols) hardcover $48.00
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