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A Practical Guide to Jewish Cemeteries
by Nolan Menachemson

Is it possible to write a book about cemeteries that is both informative and interesting to read? Nolan Menachemson of Australia created such a book in  A Practical Guide to Jewish Cemeteries.

This book is the most comprehensive text on Jewish cemeteries to date, providing historic, legal, traditional and mystical information in easy-to-understand format. Information is sourced from Jewish theological schools of learning, site visits and experts from seven countries in forensics, genealogy and monument preservation. The text is illustrated with 107 photographs and diagrams. It is an invaluable tool for the genealogist, researcher, student, tour guide and traveller:
    • A history of Jewish burial from Abraham to present day
    • A simple course on how to read Hebrew tombstone text and dates
    • A detailed explanation of Jewish tombstone symbols
    • History and location of famous Jewish cemeteries and Nazi camps
    • Burial sites and biographies of 260 famous Jews
    • Tombstone photography, rubbing and preservation
    • How to approach people who vandalize cemeteries
    • Strategies to prevent removal by companies and governments
    • Jewish law and tradition concerning cemeteries
    • Information about ancient Jewish burial
    • Jewish burial customs in Israel, the Arab World and Iberia
    • Use of forensic science to find burial locations

7" x 10" 256 pp. hardcover $39.00 

Practical Guide to Jewish Cemeteries
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Acknowledgments v
Introduction vii

Chapter 1: A Brief History of Jewish Burial 1

Chapter 2: How to Read a Jewish Gravestone 8

How to Decipher Hebrew Inscriptions on Tombstones 8
Naming Convention Commonly Found on Jewish Gravestones 10
Hebrew Abbreviations and Phrases Commonly Found on Jewish Gravestones 10
The Hebrew Calendar 14
How to Translate Hebrew Dates 16
How to Convert Hebrew Dates into Gregorian Dates 16
Table: Hebrew Years and Their Gregorian Equivalents 1200 – 2020 20

Chapter 3: Symbols on Jewish Tombstones 26
Bird 27
Bookcase 27
Broken Branch, Column or Door Hanging off its Hinges 28
Candles, Broken and Shabbat 28
Charity 29
Crown 30
Deer 31
Fish 31
Fraternal Organizations 33
Grapes 34
Hand 34
Helmet of the Spanish Hidalgos 36
Hole 37
Lion 37
Map of Israel 39
Menorah 40
Moon or Sun 40
Ohel 41
Plants 42
Pomegranate 43
Professions 44
Snake 44
Star of David 45
Ten Commandments 45
Water Pitcher 46
Woman 47

Chapter 4: Famous Jewish Cemeteries and Location of Major Nazi Concentration Camps
Famous Jewish Cemeteries 48
Jewish Burial Ground of Goulburn 48
Czech Republic
Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague 49
Cimetière du Montparnasse 51
Rhodes Jewish Cemetery 51
Mount Herzl Military Cemetery 51
Mount of Olives 53
Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camp Complex 54
Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw 55
Bródno Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw 57
Bracka Street Jewish Cemetery in Lódź 58
Old Jewish Cemetery of Lublin 60
New Jewish Cemetery of Lublin 61
Majdanek Death Camp in Lublin 62
Remuh Cemetery in Kraków 64
Faro Jewish Cemetery on the Algarve 64
United States
Jewish Graceland in Chicago, Illinois 65

Location of Major Nazi Concentration Camps 66

Chapter 5: Burial Locations of Famous Jews 72

Chapter 6: Preserving Jewish Cemeteries 154
Natural Structure of a Tombstone 154
Cleaning Tombstones 157
Protecting, Sealing and Strengthening Tombstones 159
Treatment 159
Prevention 159
Physical Protection of a Cemetery
Beautifying 160
Tomb-Smashing Roots 161
Unsightly Weeds 162
Lichen 163
Soil Erosion 164
Acid Rain 165
War 166
A Strategy on How to Approach People Who Vandalize Jewish Cemeteries 167
A Note on Fencing Off Jewish Cemeteries 170
A Strategy to Prevent a Government Agency or Company from Removing
a Jewish Cemetery 171
How to do a Tombstone Rubbing 173
Tombstone Photography 176
Digital vs. SLR (Film) Cameras: Which is More Practical for Cemetery
Photography? 177
Author’s Thoughts on Digital vs. SLR Cameras 178

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions
Jewish Cemetery Architecture 180
Prohibitions 187
Visiting the Cemetery 196
Organizations 202
Ancient Jewish Burial 205
Burial Customs in Israel, Arab Lands and Iberia 209
Einsatzgruppe Execution Sites 213
Nazi Camps 214
Using Forensic Science to Find Burial Locations 221
Jewish Calendar 223
Superlatives 226

Glossary 234

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