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Russian-Jewish Given Names: Their Origins and Variants
by Boris Feldblyum

Based on a book published in Russia in 1911, this work presents to the English-speaking reader a comprehensive collection of Jewish given names used in Russia at the turn of the 20th century--more than 6,000 names in all. These names are also included in a dictionary of root names which shows its etymology as well as all variants of the names identifying them as kinnui (everyday names), variants or distortions. The introductory portion of the book is a historical essay that reviews the evolution of Jewish given names from biblical times through the late 19th century in Russia.

7" x 10" 152 pp. hardcover $35.00 $19.95

Russian-Jewish Given Names: Their Origins and Variants
Introduction	ix
Acknowledgments xiii

Section I
Origins of Russian-Jewish Given Names 1
Jewish Names Throughout History: An Overview 4
Tanakh as Prime Source of Names 4
Classification of Biblical Names by Pogorel'skij 7
Babylonian Exile: First Use of Foreign Names (586–537 B.C.E.) 13
Name Development During the Hellenistic Period (323–330 B.C.E.) 15
Roman Rule (Second Century B.C.E.–Seventh Century C.E.) 17
Name Development in the First Ten Centuries of the Common Era 18
Jewish Life and Name Development During the Middle Ages 20
Post-Spanish Expulsion Period (Sixteenth–Eighteenth Centuries) 24
Partitions of Poland and Subjugation of the
Jews by Russia (1772–1795) 29
Nineteenth-Century Russian Legislation Regarding Jewish Given Names 41
Formation of Russian-Jewish Patronymics 47

Section II
Jewish Names Used in Russia, Including Their Known Derivations,
Abbreviations and Distortions 52
Structure of Entries 52
Transliteration Scheme 54
Feminine Names 56
Masculine Names 70
Notes 90

Section III
List of Secular Names and Their Root Names 91
Feminine Names 91
Masculine Names 107

Glossary 133
Bibliography 135
Sources Cited by Kulisher 136
Archival Sources 137

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