The Unbroken Chain - Third Edition - Volume 1
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The Unbroken Chain - Third Edition - Volume 1 
by Neil Rosenstein

Author Neil Rosenstein has devoted the past 27 years to updating and improving his landmark work The Unbroken Chain and now is in the process of publishing its Third Edition. The new edition is a major improvement to the previous edition both in number of persons and quality of the work.

Second Edition Third Edition                   
Two volumes, 1,350 pages Five volumes, 3,500 pages
20,000 names 42,000 names
Surname-only index Full name index
No illustrations 300 illustrations (Vol 1 alone)
1,600 footnotes 1,000 footnotes (Vol. 1 alone)
Up to 16 generations Up to 22 generations

The Unbroken Chain documents the descendants of Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen (MaHaRaM) of Padua (1482–1565) and Rabbi Judah Lowe (MaHaRaL) of Prague through 22 generations. Among the descendants of these two Torah Giants are numerous famous persons including Martin Buber, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Karl Marx, Moses and Felix Mendelssohn, Yehudi Menuhin, Moses Montefiore, Helena Rubinstein, Judge Judy Sheindlin. A high proportion of genealogies are those of the leading Hassidic dynasties: Levi Isaac of Berdichev, Halberstam, Horowitz, Rabinowitz, Ro­ke­ach, Shapiro, Spira, Teitelbaum, Twersky and others.

8½" x 11" 862 pp. hardcover $89.00  

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Complete list of names in Volume 1

Key To the “G” Numbering System 3

Katzenellenbogen Family 7
The Beginning - Its First Three Generations 7
First Generation 7
Second Generation 11
The Children of R. Meir and Hannah Katzenellenbogen 11
Third Generation 17
Children of Samuel Judah and Abigail Katzenellenbogen (G2.1) 17
Fourth and Fifth Generations 23
Children and Grandchildren of Saul Wahl 23
Fourth Generation 23
Fifth Generation 25

Branch A: Descendants of R. Moses Katzenellenbogen of Chelm 34
Section A: Katzenellenbogen Family of Krotoschin 34
Section B: Progenitors of the Schick Rabbinical Family 40
Section C: Robinson Family 43
Section D: Margolis Family of Przerosl-Kalwaryia 47
Section E: Sterling Family 67
Section F: Levin Family of Baltimore 128
Section G: Efrati & Ittelson Families 131
Section H: Bacharach (Bachrach) Family of Suwalki 146
Section I: Ancestry of the Heschel Chassidic Dynasty and Jeruchem Rabbinical Family 149
Section J: Maggid of Vilna & Visanska (Wizanski) Families 149
Branch B: Descendants of R. Saul Katzenellenbogen of Pinczow,
son of R. Moses Katzellenbogen, ABD Chelm 152
Section A: Lieberman of Lokacze, Ellenberg and Finkelstein Families 154
Section B: Zamosc, Baharav (Braff) and Gutwirt Rabbinical Families 158
Section C: Wahl Family of Przemysl 163
Section D: Perlow, Padua and Katzenellenbogen Dynasties of Leshniow-Ustilug 168
Branch C: Descendants of R. Saadiah Isaiah Katzenellenbogen, son of R. Saul Katzenellenbogen,
son of R. Moses Katzenellenbogen 176
Section A: Rubinroth and Kaminer-Czemach (Tzemach) Families 176
Section B: Padua and Padwa (Kohen) Family 177
Section C: Banet, Benedikt (Benedict) Rabbinical Family and the Binetter Family of Hungary,
Jungreis (Jungreisz) Halevi Rabbinical Family of Czager 194
Section D: Jungreis(z) Halevi Family 201
Section E: Descendants of R. Moses Katzenellenbogen of Pinczow and Schwabach – Riesser Family 203
Section F: Descendants of R. Moses Katzenellenbogen of Pinczow and Schwabach – Stetten Family 208
Section G: Descendants of R. Moses Katzenellenbogen of Pinczow and Schwabach –
Ephraim, Jablonski, Plaut and Wollsteiner Families 209
Section H: Katzenelenbogen of Lublin 226
Section I: Manheimer, Oberndorffer and Merzbacher of Munich Families 232
Section J: K. Ellenbogen Family 250
Section K: Seligmann Family 266
Branch D: Munk, Jakobovits and Related Families 268
Branch E: Schick, Kamenetzky, Jungreis(z) (HaLevi), Prager (HaLevi) and Related Rabbinical Families 289
Section A: Kamenetzky Rabbinical Family 293
Section B: Shapiro Rabbinical Family of Kovno Family of R. Zvi Pesach Frank 296
Section C: Levin and Levene Families Elyashev (Elyashiv) Family 305
Section D: Soloveitchik Rabbinical Dynasty 317
Section E: Ralbag Family 339
Section F: Descendants of the Maharam Schick and Klein Family 341
Klein Family 342
Section G: Prager Halevi Rabbinical Family, Snyders, Rakow and Strasser Familes 344
Section H: Grand Rabbi Dushinsky Dynasty 352
Branch F: Gerstein and Related Families 369
Branch G: Leiner Chassidic Dynasty 400

Branch A: Descendants of R. Nahum Katzenellenbogen of Slutsk 406
Section A: Minz (Mintz) and Zylberstrom Families of Meseritz 406
Section B: Pernick Family of Detroit 415
Section C: Greenberg Family of New York 417
Section D: Folman (Palmon), Shereshovsky and Endelman Families of Warsaw and Israel 422
Branch B: Descendants of R. Israel, son of R. Meir, son of Saul Wahl 429
Branch C: Descendants of R. Judah Wahl, the Mendelssohn Family 430
Branch D: Descendants of R. Naftali Hirsch Ginsburg (Gunzburg) 467
Section A: Gunzburg, Lipschutz and Joffe (of South Africa) Families 467
Section B: Katzenellenbogen Family of St. Petersburg, Olswanger and Album Families,
Ehrenberg Family of Przemysl 482
Ehrenberg Family 496
Section C: Zak and Zakheim Families 499
Section D: Baruchin, Minkovsky, Orenstein and Rivlin Families
(Descended From the Mishkenot Yaakov and Keren Orah) 501
Section E: Blau Rabbinical Family 517
Blau Family of Neturei Karta 592
Chaimson, Horowitz-Lomzer and Scheinberger Families 637
Branch E: Descendants of R. Moses Hakohen Katz Ginzburg, Fuenn, Lwow
and Marx Families Lemberger Dynasty of Makova 690
Section A: Lwow Family 693
Section B: Lemberger Chassidic Dynasty of Makova (Mako, Makowa, Macau) 700
Branch F: Rappaport Rabbinical Family of Pinczow Anisfeld and Rakower Families of Cracow 706
Branch G: Bornstein Chassidic Dynasty of Sochaczew, Bamberger Family
and Zellenfreund (Seelenfreund) Rabbinical Families Mintz (Münz) Family of the Shemen Rokeach. 720
Section A: Bornstein Chassidic Dynasty of Sochaczew 720
Section B: Zellenfreund (Seelenfreund), Rabbinical Family Mintz (Münz), Family
from the Shemen Rokeach 734
Branch H: Oppenheim Family of Worms 741



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