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Map My Family Tree
 Genealogical Mapping Software

Map My Family Tree automatically geocodes your family tree in seconds so you can see where your ancestors were born, married and died. Track family migrations using the world map and zoom into any part of the world to see detailed events in that location. Map My Family Tree uses state-of-the-art vector mapping technology so you see more, not less, geographic detail as you zoom in.

Print your maps on a wide variety of paper sizes and electronically publish them in many popular file formats to display on websites and email to family and friends. Use these published maps to collaborate with other researchers. Automatically link to Google™ Earth, Google Maps, TerraServer USA and to see your ancestors' home towns on online maps, satellite images and aerial photographs.

Select which people and events you want displayed on your map by filtering your data by name, ancestor line, descendant line, date, event type and gender.  This is especially helpful when you want to create maps with single family lines, births only, events from a specific time period, etc.

Automatically check your genealogy database for place name typos, missing counties and other inaccuracies. You may then copy and paste corrections to your genealogy file.

Map My Family Tree reads all popular genealogy file formats so you do not have to import a GEDCOM file.

Runs on Windows 2000 or XP $39.95