Here Is What Scholars Say About the Book

"Chaim Freedman's work is painstaking and meticulous in recording the many branches of the (Goan's) family...I warmly welcome (his) contribution to the world of Jewish genealogical and historical scholarship."
                    Dr. Anthony P. Joseph, Chairman, Jewish Historical Society of England

"Based on many Hebrew sources which have been researched by Freedman, Eliyahu's Branches is a valuable contribution to the preservation of the achievements of a noteworthy family."
                    Rabbi Meir Wunder, Hebrew University

"Chaim Freedman's opus, Eliyahu's Branches, is a valuable contribution to Jewish scholarship....Freedman's research of a vast range of sources, both rabbinic and general, is presented in a scholastic manner, supported by a treasury of sources and personal interpretations of the author."
                    Rabbi Dr. Stanley Levin, Tel Aviv University

"The work of Chaim Freedman in his authorship of the book on the descendants of the Gaon of Vilna is worthy of recognition. He had to cope with a subject for which the documentary material, which would have assisted him is extremely sparse....The drawing up of the genealogical tree of the family of the Gaon of Vilna in the experienced hands of Chaim Freedman is not only the payment of a duty of honor towards the family of the Gaon, the Khassid, Reb Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalmen of Vilna, but this is a scientific and historical work which is outstanding in its importance. His scientific work constitutes a basis for the continuing nurturing of the tradition of this illustrious family."
                    Dr. Arye Morgenstern, Dinur Institute of Hebrew University

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