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How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust

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    How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust
    by Gary Mokotoff
    Copyright ©1995 by Gary Mokotoff
    ISBN Number 0–9626373-8-6

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Avotaynu has published a book on how to locate documentation concerning individuals caught up in the Holocaust.
Because we receive so many inquiries from family of Holocaust victims, we decided to place on the Internet the essential
portions of the book for people to use as a basis for locating these records. Start with "The Basics" chapter of the book.

Illustrations ix Foreword by Benjamin Meed xi Preface xiii

How To Do Holocaust Research The Basics 3 Checklist for Holocaust Research 8 Yizkor Books 11 Pages of Testimony 17 International Tracing Service 20 Locating Survivors 25 Landsmanshaftn Societies 36 Oral Testimonies 37 Case Study: The Mokotowskis of Otwock, Poland 39

Facilities with Collections of Holocaust Materials Yad Vashem 47 Library Holdings 50 Archives Record Groups 56 U.S. Holocaust Research Institute 65 Library Holdings 68 Archives Record Groups 72 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research 79 Library Holdings 79 Archives Record Groups 83 Leo Baeck Institute 87 Library Holdings 87 Archives Record Groups 88 Additional U.S. Facilities 91 Simon Wiesenthal Center 91 U.S. National Archives 94 U.S. Library of Congress 96 Facilities Outside the United States 103 Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, Poland 103 Organization of Former Residents of Lodz in Israel 105 Concentration Camps with Archives That Respond to Inquiries 105 Persons Deported from France 106

Appendixes Appendix A: Towns with Published Yizkor Books 109 Appendix B: Towns Referenced in the Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period 119 Appendix C: Towns Described in the Extraordinary State Commission to
Investigate German-Fascist Crimes Committed on Soviet Territory
149 Appendix D: Libraries with Large Collections of Yizkor Books 165 Appendix E: Holocaust Resource Centers Throughout the World 168 Appendix F: Jewish Genealogical Societies and Special Interest Groups 175
Appendix G: Statistics of the Holocaust 179 Appendix H: Memorial to the Members of the Mokotow Family Murdered in the Holocaust 181

Selected Bibliography 190 Index 192

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