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How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust

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Most illustrations in this book are part of the extensive documentation researched and collected by the author on members of the Mokotow family who were either victims or survivors of the Holocaust. In a number of cases, the illustrations show records for the same individuals created at different stages of Holocaust history--for example, both a record of deportation and documentation of death are presented for one individual. These illustrations demonstrate that records do exist that make it possible to document the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust.

Auschwitz Prisoner Registration Record      2
List of Persons Interned at Dachau      4
Yizkor Book Article      10
Yizkor Book "Tombstones"      12
Yizkor Book Necrology      14
Page of Testimony, English Language Version      16
Page of Testimony for Chaim Dan Mokotow      18
International Tracing Service Master Index      
  Index Card of Victim Information      21
  Index Card of Survivor Information      22
  Index Card of an Inquiry      23
Sharit ha-platah (Survivor List)      26
Index Card from the Archives of Majdanek Concentration Camp      28
Search Bureau for Missing Relatives      30
HIAS Case Files      32
Otwock Artifact      38
Yad Vashem Administration Building      46
Hall of Names at Yad Vashem      48
Einsatzgruppen Report      54
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum      64
National Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors      66
Gedenkbuch      86
Memorial to the Jews Deported from France      92
List of Deceased Persons at Bergen-Belsen after the Liberation      102
Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period      118
Isaac and Bronka Mokotow      180

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