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Volume 6, Number 21 | February 5, 2006

International Institute for Jewish Genealogy Opens in Jerusalem
The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center opened this week. Located at the Jewish National and University Library at Givat Ram, Jerusalem, the new Institute, a non-profit organization, has two main aims: (1) to engage in Jewish genealogical research and teaching at the university level and (2) to make Jewish Genealogy a recognized academic discipline within the realm of Jewish Studies.

The Institute is the only one of its kind in the Jewish world. It plans to operate on an interdisciplinary basis and also in a collaborative way with organizations engaged in aspects of Jewish genealogy. It will put a premium on innovative programs and projects of practical benefit to individual family historians.

Its establishment is the result of efforts during the last two years of an international Founding Committee, headed by Sallyann Sack, of Washington, DC. and Yosef Lamdan of Israel. Lamdan, a former Israeli ambassador to the Vatican, has been appointed as Director of the Institute.

One of its first projects is an academic symposium to be held in Jerusalem in September with a view to setting research and teaching priorities for the new Institute. Experts from the academic and genealogical world will be presenting papers.

Its e-mail address is Provides Index to Vital Records of England and Wales has added to its collection an index to births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales for 1837-1983. The indexes for the three events are divided yearly into quarterly volumes, with the names for each quarter listed alphabetically. The Ancestry index is not for every name but for the first and last name for every page in the index that was produced by the Government Record Office. Consequently any surname searched produces hits; they merely display the page on which the surname might appear. states that once an entry in one of the indexes is found, you are then able to use that information to order a copy of a death, marriage, or birth certificate from the GRO.

The index does not give the exact date of the event; it does include information that may be of value. The birth index starting in 1911 includes maiden name of mother. The marriage index starting in 1912 includes surname of spouse. The death index shows age starting in 1866 and in 1970 the date of birth of the decedent.

The birth index is at

The marriage index is at

The death index is at Places Index to 1911 Canadian Census Online, parent company of, has launched a new Canadian family research Web site,, ( It now includes more than 150 million names and the first and only online fully indexed 1911 Census of Canada.

The 1911 Census of Canada index includes information on each inhabitant of the country, including place of habitation, marital status, age, place of birth, religion, occupation, education, and more. It covers nine provinces, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, and two territories -- the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories.

In addition, offers access to online collections of:
* Ontario Vitals
* Ontario Marriage Index, 1858-1899
* Ontario Birth Index, 1869-1907
* Ontario Death Index, 1869-1932
* Ontario & Nova Scotia Census Records, 1800-1842
* Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s
* Canadian Address and Phone Directories, 1995-2002
* British Columbia Death Index, 1872 -1979

All are accessible at

The site is a fee-for-service site. To view all the contents on, membership is CDN $99.95/annually or CDN $14.95/monthly. A pay-per-view option is also available for CDN $5.95/10 views, 14 days. Members of can view all Canadian content with a World Deluxe membership.

Morse Site Now Includes Portals to the Canadian 1901 and 1911 Censuses
Stephen P. Morse has added portals to the 1901 and 1911 Canadian censuses. They are available at the home page

The 1901 census links to a site where there is no fee involved to retrieve the information. The 1911 portal links to, a fee-for-service based site.

Online Bremen Lists Expanded
In the April 25, 2004, issue of Nu? What's New? I reported that the Bremen Germany Chamber of Commerce planned to index extant emigration lists for that port city and had completed portions of the list. They have now completed 1920-1934, representing nearly 620,000 entries. Not all ships are present because some were lost. Eventually the group hopes to put all surviving lists through 1939 on the Internet. The site is located at

You can search the lists using a surname only or a portion of a surname. The system will then display all persons whose surname has the key letters supplied. Using the surname Weiss, the system displayed all names that had the consecutive characters w-e-i-s-s including Weiss, Schneeweiss, Schweiss, Serweiss, Stirnweiss, Weissenberg, Wessenberger, Weissenborn, Weissenbruch and others. There is no soundex search. Information provided includes name of the person, town of origin, ship, date of departure and name of the ship.

The site states that ships left Bremen/Bremerhaven for the United States, Canada and South America. Lists earlier than 1920 were systematically destroyed by officials who ran out of storage space. The surviving lists had been stowed in a salt mine during World War II together with other archival material. After the war, they were transferred by the Russians to the Moscow Archives. In 1987 and 1990 the lists were given back to the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.

The project is a joint effort of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and a Bremen society for family research called Maus.

New Edition of AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM--Special Offer
If I had limited funds for my genealogy hobby, one investment that I would strongly consider is all back issues of AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM.

This March, Avotaynu will release a new version of "AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM." It will contain all articles that have appeared in the journal from 1985 to 2005. In the past 22 years more than 2,000 articles of interest to persons tracing their Jewish family history have appeared. You can view the titles to these articles at

Many of these articles were written by experts, often professors or archivists who have devoted their careers to the subjects they have written about. Others are by professional and amateur genealogists who have become expert in their particular segment of Jewish genealogy. AVOTAYNU enjoys an excellent reputation in the genealogical and Jewish community.

The CD includes a powerful search engine that permits multiple word searches, Boolean (And/Or) functions, wildcard and proximity searches. This time-saving method of doing research allows searching for every occurrence of a particular town, surname, or research topic of interest in the more than 3 million words published in AVOTAYNU since 1985. Every result is displayed on the screen and a Print function allows you to print articles. If you have been a loyal AVOTAYNU subscriber for years, the CD will allow you to find those references you have missed, forgotten about, or merely scanned.

The regular price of "AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM" is $99.95 plus shipping. As a pre-publication offer, if you place an order before February 28, 2006, the price is only $75.00 plus shipping. If you do not subscribe to AVOTAYNU, there is a package offer of the CD plus a 2006 subscription to the journal for only $99.95. Take advantage of the package offer and we will include the Winter 2005 issue free of charge (it will also be on the CD).

If you already own the 1996, 1999 or 2002 version of "AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM," you can upgrade at a special reduced rate. Just return your current copy to our office with a check (U.S. bank only) for $29.95 plus shipping, and we will send you the 2006 version. Current users outside the United States can pay with Visa or MasterCard.

Distribution of the CD will not occur until late March. Pre-publication purchasers will not be charged until the CD is shipped. Current users of "AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM" should hold onto their CD until we announce the availability of the new version.

Order the CD at

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