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Volume 9, Number 28 | December 14, 2008

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Google Your Family Tree
We were overwhelmed by the number of orders for this book which was announced in the last issue of Nu? What's New?. All orders made through last Thursday will have been shipped by tomorrow (Monday). 

Other reviewers have parroted my comments about the value of this book. Dan Taggert, co-founder of, stated, "This is a must read for anyone using the Internet—for family history or any other reason!" Maureen Taylor of "The Photo Detective" says "If you thought you knew how to use Google, think again. Lynch's book will teach even experienced Google genealogists new tricks. It's a must-have for any family historian (and anyone else) who wants to find information online."

Google Your Family Tree excites me because it has relevance to applications other than genealogy. A more appropriate title might have been “How to Use Google with Examples from Genealogy.” As noted by the other reviewers above, whoever uses Google must get this book, whether you are a genealogist, a student with a homework assignment, or a cooking buff looking for a recipe.

One might ask, “What is there to Google beyond learning how to use keywords?” Google Your Family Tree author Dan Lynch  uses the first 28 pages to rigorously demonstrate how to select and apply keywords, but the next 296 pages teach the reader about many of the other capabilities of Google including: Language Tools, Google Books, Google News Archives, Google Images and Videos, Google Alerts and Google Maps. At this point, we are only half done with the book. There are additional chapters on Blog Search, Google Earth, Google Notebook, Google Toolbar and Other Tips and Tricks.

You can purchase Google Your Family Tree at Avotaynu’s web site for $34.95. For a limited time—through December 22—if you purchase a copy, we will include at no additional cost a Google Your Family Tree Quick Reference Card which normally sells for $6.95. Ordering information can be found at

Discounts on Avotaynu Products Through December 22
As a Chanukah gift, this year we are making a discount offer to all—Nu? What’s New? subscribers as well as AVOTAYNU subscribers.

Until the first day of Chanukah, December 22, we are offering all subscribers to AVOTAYNU or Nu? What’s New?
    • 10% discount on purchases of at least $50
    • 15% discount on purchases of at least $100
    • 20% on purchases of $200 or more.

It can include any products we sell—books, maps, CDs or video. When you place an order, just indicate in the comment section that you are an AVOTAYNU subscriber or Nu? What’s New? subscriber. Excluded is Google Your Family Tree. By arrangement with its publisher, we are not permitted to discount the book.

The books we offer, shown by category, can be found at Our complete catalog can be found at

Chanukah Gifts for Yourself, Friends and Favorite Library
…and Take the Discount Above

For yourself. There is no finer gift that you can give yourself to advance your knowledge of Jewish genealogical research than Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy. This 624-page tome is the ultimate guide to Jewish genealogical research. Written by more than 60 authors, all experts in their own field, the list of authors is a veritable "Who's Who in Jewish Genealogy." Its more than 100 chapters cover all important aspects of the rich body of information available to do Jewish genealogical research. Each chapter in "Researching by Country of Ancestry" typically has (1) history of the Jewish presence in the country, (2) what records are available, (3) how to access records, (4) addresses of repositories and other institutions, (5) bibliography, and (6) Internet addresses. This book is of immense value to both the novice or the experienced researcher. $85 (less 10% discount above)

You can see the complete Table of Contents plus a sample chapter at

For friends. Every Family Has a Story would make a great Chanukah gift to a friend or relative who enjoys reading books and really doesn’t get why we all do family history. The book consists of 71 articles that appeared in AVOTAYNU that are about the human side of genealogy; how genealogical research affected people, both the researcher and the people found.

I gave a copy to a cousin and this was her response. “Thank you for the book - I am fascinated by the stories - but also at the enthusiasm and dedication of all you genealogists who spend hours and hours tracking down information - and providing history to which we can all relate.”

Every Family Has a Story costs $37.00. Buy an additional book from Avotaynu for at least $13.00 and get the 10% discount above. Order the book at

For libraries: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust would make a great Chanukah gift for a personal or institutional library. This remarkable three-volume, 1,824-page work provides information about more than 6,500 communities, primarily in Continental Europe where Jews lived before the Holocaust. Through special arrangements with the publisher, we are offering it for only $99.00 plus shipping less the 10% discount above. It originally sold for $325. Ordering information plus a complete list of towns can be found at

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