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AVOTAYNU maintains an index to selected articles that have appeared in the first eighteen volumes (1985–2008) of the publication. Only shown are major articles and some excerpts from the sections "From Our Contributing Editors" and "From Our Mailbox." Not shown is the "U.S. Update" column, which is a digest of articles that appeared in publications of the Jewish genealogical societies and special interest groups. The articles in Volume III, Number 4 and many in Volumes IV-XXIV, Number 4, were human interest features and, therefore, are not part of the index. Each entry is the title of the article followed by the volume/number/page. Back issues can be purchased for $10 each ($12 outside North America) from Avotaynu, Inc., 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Note: Most earlier back issues are available in photocopy version only. All back issues from 1985–2008 are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 plus shipping. An annual subscription to Avotaynu is $38.00. Subscribe now!

Volume/Year: I/1985, II/1986, III/1987, IV/1988, V/1989, VI/1990, VII/1991, VIII/1992. IX/1993, X/1994, XI/1995, XII/1996, XIII/1997, XIV/1998, XV/1999, XVI/2000, XVII/2001, XVIII/2002, XIX/2003, XX/2004, XXI/2005, XXII/2006, XXIII/2007, XXIV/2008

Civil records of Algeria and Morocco                                                   VI/1/29
Jewish community in the Touat Oases                                                   VII/4/60
Brochures on colonization of Algeria                                                 VIII/3/51
Algerian Jews                                                                        VIII/3/52
About the Jews of Morocco, Algeria and Libya                                            X/3/38
Algerian records in Aix-en-Provence                                                    XI/1/45
Conference on the Jews of Algeria	                                              XXI/3/52
Le Moniteur Algérien: A Newspaper Source for Jewish Algerian Research                         	 XXVII/1/50

History of the Jews of Argentina                                                       II/3/21
Sources of vital statistic records                                                    III/3/18
Argentina, the other Golden Land                                                        V/2/16
Jewish Immigration to Argentina                                                       VII/2/34
Inquiries to Argentina                                                                XII/1/40
Cites Argentinean source for immigrant information                                    XII/1/66
Jewish genealogical society founded                                                   XII/3/51
Using Argentina phone books on the Internet                                           XII/4/59
How to obtain Argentinean vital records, immigration registers, census records, genea-
    logical resources in Buenos Aires, history of the Jews of Chile, Jews of Rhodes  XIII/2/50
History of the Moise Ville colony                                                    XIII/4/79
Moroccan community in Buenos Aires                                                   XIII/4/79
Jews of Belmonte                                                                      XIV/4/69
Moises Ville colony school records                                                    XIV/4/69
Spanish Jewry                                                                         XIV/4/69
My Search for Family in Argentina                                                    XVII/4/35
Jewish Colonization Association	                                                      XIX/2/54
Río de la Plata	                                                                      XIX/2/54
Argentinian Immigration Database Now Online	                                      XIX/4/68
Paul Armony z”l (1932–2008)                                              XXIV/3/07
Jewish Surnames in Argentina                                                         XXII/2/19
Immigrants to Argentina Listed as Baron de Hirsch Colonists                         XXIII/2/19
History of the Jews of Australia                                                        I/1/03
Australian Jewish Historical Society                                                    I/1/11
Migration of Belgian Holocaust survivors                                              III/1/21
Book review: Australian genealogy books in print                                      III/3/31
Demography of Australian Jews in 1986 census                                           IV/2/24
Origin of Australian Jewry                                                             VI/2/19
Comments on "Origin of Australian Jewry" article                                       VI/3/21
First governor Arthur Phillip's Jewish origins                                        VII/1/24
Jewish genealogical societies founded                                                 VII/4/58
Activities of Australian JGS                                                         VIII/4/53
Your Australian cousins                                                                XI/1/37
Australian family histories                                                            XI/1/43
Burials in New South Wales                                                             XI/1/43
Five regional branches of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society                  XII/4/59
Jewish genealogical activity throughout Australia                                    XIII/1/39
Egyptian Jews in Australia                                                           XIII/4/79
New group in Perth                                                                   XIII/4/79
Access to census records                                                              XIV/2/47
Holocaust arrival records                                                             XIV/2/47
Computerization of Australian immigration records                                     XIV/4/69
Sophie Caplan Honored by Australian Government                                        XVI/1/45
Book Review: Tracing Your Family History in Australia	                              XIX/2/66
Early Australian-Jewish History	                                                      XIX/2/54
Jewish Lives in Tasmania	                                                      XIX/3/52
Burial CD	                                                                      XIX/4/68
Earliest Jewish Doctors of Australia	                                              XIX/4/68
National Archives of Australia	                                                      XIX/4/68
CD of Australia Jewish qresources	                                               XX/2/50
CD of Sydney Burials	                                                               XX/2/50
Australian Military Records Online	                                               XX/4/62
Early Immigrants to Australia	                                                      XXI/2/43
Melbourne Chevra Kadisha records	                                              XXI/3/52
Monograph Holdings of AJGS	                                                      XXI/3/52
Australia Holds First National Conference                                            XXIV/3/30
Small World Comes to Perth                                                           XXIV/4/81
Austrian Holocaust project planned                                                      X/2/66
Austrian Resource Cited                                                                XI/2/67
Jews Remain Identified in Austrian Baptismal Records                                   XI/4/50
Vienna as a magnet for Austro-Hungarian Jews                                          XII/4/26
Austrian-Jewish Records: Ill-gotten Gains                                             XIV/2/13
Some Jewish Holdings in Vienna                                                        XIV/2/49
Jews of Vienna 1826-1945                                                             XIII/1/39
Records from Burgenland at the Central Archives in Israel                            XIII/3/54
Austrian Records Controversy Continues                                                XIV/3/17
Jewish first names in the Austrian Empire                                             XIV/4/69
LDS Films of Viennese Registration Forms (Meldezettel)As a Genealogical Resource       XVI/3/3
More About Viennese Registration Lists and Related Matters                             XVI/3/7
Book Review: Verdrängte Geschichte Schauplätze des Naziterrors in Oesterreich	      XIX/1/60
Cites Sources of German, Austrian and Czech Holocaust Victims Names	              XIX/4/79
Resources for Records of Vienna	                                                       XX/1/34
Jewish Vital Records in Vienna: Two Sets	                                      XXI/3/22
The Jews of Vienna and Their Moravian Hometowns                                       XXV/1/13

Genealogy & migration: Jewish movement in 19th-Century Austro-Hungary                 XII/1/25
Residency in the Austro-Hungarian Empire                                              XVI/4/89
The 1869 Austro-Hungarian Census                                                     XVII/3/25
Austro-Hungarian Military Records	                                              XIX/3/32
Book Review: Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary                        XXII/3/60
Jewish Officers in the Austrian Army                                                  XXV/3/66
Resources To Find Any Location in the Austro-Hungarian Empire; Similar Resources for 
    Imperial Russia and Imperial Germany                                             XXVI/3/19

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