Index to the First Twenty-four Volumes of AVOTAYNU

AVOTAYNU maintains an index to selected articles that have appeared in the first eighteen volumes (1985–2008) of the publication. Only shown are major articles and some excerpts from the sections "From Our Contributing Editors" and "From Our Mailbox." Not shown is the "U.S. Update" column, which is a digest of articles that appeared in publications of the Jewish genealogical societies and special interest groups. The articles in Volume III, Number 4 and many in Volumes IV-XXIV, Number 4, were human interest features and, therefore, are not part of the index. Each entry is the title of the article followed by the volume/number/page. Back issues can be purchased for $10 each ($12 outside North America) from Avotaynu, Inc., 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Note: Most earlier back issues are available in photocopy version only. All back issues from 1985–2008 are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 plus shipping. An annual subscription to Avotaynu is $38.00. Subscribe now!

Volume/Year: I/1985, II/1986, III/1987, IV/1988, V/1989, VI/1990, VII/1991, VIII/1992. IX/1993, X/1994, XI/1995, XII/1996, XIII/1997, XIV/1998, XV/1999, XVI/2000, XVII/2001, XVIII/2002, XIX/2003, XX/2004, XXI/2005, XXII/2006, XXIII/2007, XXIV/2008

Work of Jewish Genealogical Society in Montreal                                         I/1/12
Jews of Toronto                                                                         I/2/09
Jewish Public Library of Montreal                                                      II/2/14
Immigration records at Archives of the Canadian Jewish Congress                        II/3/12
JIAS records--Toronto                                                                  II/3/15
JIAS inventories at Canadian Jewish Congress                                          III/2/16
Book review: Jews of Toronto: A History to 1937                                       III/2/32
Book planned--Archival Sources for the Study of Canadian Jewry                        III/2/34
History of emigration from France                                                      IV/1/20
Book review: Archival Sources for Canadian Jewry                                       IV/2/25
Jewish genealogical research in Canada                                                 IV/3/04
Dun & Bradstreet records                                                                V/1/15
United Restitution Organization                                                         V/3/24
Jews of Toronto                                                                         V/3/24
United Restitution Organization finding aid available                                  VI/1/25
Inventorying Jewish cemeteries                                                         VI/3/20
Planned compilations                                                                   VI/4/51
Sources for early Jewish-Canadian history                                             VII/2/23
Plan to document cemeteries of Ontario                                                VII/2/24
Record books of Park Memorial Chapel                                                  VII/4/58
Toronto's Roseland Cemetery burials documented                                        VII/4/58
Some Montreal Jewish holdings                                                        VIII/3/50
Jewish archives of Toronto                                                           VIII/3/50
Cemeteries in Quebec and Maritime Provinces computerized                             VIII/3/50
Jewish genealogical resources in Canada                                              VIII/4/27
1901 Federal census to be available soon                                             VIII/4/54
Book review: A Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry, 1909-1914                  VIII/4/61
Documenting the Roselawn Cemetery                                                      IX/1/36
Vital records of Ontario                                                               IX/1/37
Canadian ship arrivals                                                                 IX/1/37
Book review: Taking Root--The Origins of the Canadian Jewish Community                 IX/1/64
Resources at Archives of Ontario                                                       IX/2/47
The Jews of the Canadian West                                                          IX/3/23
Tapes available for lectures at recent annual seminar                                  IX/3/48
Canadian synagogues are found with new archives guide                                  IX/3/66
Analysis of Canadian censuses, Montreal synagogues                                     IX/4/50
Vital statistic indexes at the Archives of Ontario                                      X/1/45
Canadian synagogue finder guide developed by Canadian Jewish Congress                   X/2/65
Analyzing Canadian census records                                                       X/4/63
Update on cemetery project                                                              X/4/63
Policy governing access to the Canadian Jewish Immigrant Aid Society records           XI/1/06
Russian acquisitions by National Archives of Canada                                    XI/1/44
Jews of Newfoundland                                                                   XI/1/44
Cites source of Jewish history in Western Canada                                       XI/1/67
Canadian ship arrival records                                                          XI/3/63
Canadian voter lists                                                                   XI/4/54
Canadian naturalization records                                                       XII/2/42
Jews of Toronto, Canadian assessment rolls                                            XII/3/52
Toronto assessment records                                                            XII/4/61
Records of the Baron de Hirsch Institute records in Montreal                         XIII/1/39
Roselawn cemetery project                                                            XIII/1/39
Some Canadian vital records available via Internet                                   XIII/1/39
Look Up Your Canadian Ancestors in the Library                                       XIII/3/22
Record access to immigration records                                                 XIII/3/49
Vital statistic records and other sources in Ontario                                 XIII/3/49
Canadian Naturalization Records                                                      XIII/3/66
Passenger lists 1919-35 now at National Archives                                     XIII/4/79
Austrian victims of the Holocaust                                                     XIV/2/47
Censuses of Newfoundland                                                              XIV/2/47
Jewish Genealogical Research in Canada                                                XIV/4/23
Addresses of Canadian vital records offices                                           XIV/4/69
Jewish genealogical resources in Quebec province                                      XIV/4/69
Jewish Historical Society of Yukon                                                    XIV/4/69
World War I military records                                                          XIV/4/69
Book Review: Saskatoon Jewish Community                                               XVI/2/65
Affidavits Supply Data on Canadian Immigrants                                        XVII/2/39
Canada's Census: A Thing of the Past?                                               XVIII/1/30
Searching for Your Family in the Quebec Vital Records Database                      XVIII/1/80
Indexing the Jewish Vital Records of Quebec 1841-1942                               XVIII/2/34
Notes Canadian Immigration Forms                                                     XVII/2/66
The 1915-1932 Canadian Naturalization Index                                         XVIII/3/31
Book Review: The ShipsList CD-ROM: Passenger Ship Arrivals, Canadian Ports 1865-1899XVIII/4/88
Canadian Genealogy Centre opens	                                                      XIX/2/54
1883 Article on Immigration	                                                       XX/2/50
New JGS in Hamilton	                                                               XX/2/50
Toronto's First Jewish Cemetery	                                                       XX/2/50
History of the Jews of Canada	                                                       XX/3/47
Use of Land Records	                                                               XX/3/47
History of Canadian Jewry	                                                        X/4/62
Toronto Burials Project	                                                               XX/4/62
Toronto's Earliest History	                                                       XX/4/62
Use of Land Title Records	                                                       XX/4/62
Dawes Road Cemetery Project	                                                      XXI/2/43
Jewish immigration to Toronto	                                                      XXI/2/43
More Canadian City Directories Online	                                              XXI/2/43
Newfoundland Jews	                                                              XXI/2/43
Pre-1868 Records	                                                              XXI/2/43
Database of Canadian Divorces	                                                      XXI/3/52
Newsletter for Montreal JGS	                                                      XXI/3/52
Book Review: One Hundred Years in Canada: The Rubinoff-Naftolin Family Tree   XXIV/4/78
Book Review: Finding Your Canadian Ancestors: A Beginner’s Guide              XXIV/1/51
Book Review: The Jew In Canada                                              XXVI/1/61
Book Review: The Rise of the Toronto Jewish Community                       XXVI/1/61
Book Review: A History of the Jewish Community of 
   London, Ontario, from the 1850s to the Present Day                              XXVII/2/67

Canary Islands
The Jews of the Canary Islands                                                        XIV/4/29

Lists of Jews in Oldambtand, Hoogeveen and Surinam                                     IX/2/49
Jewish cemetery on Nevis                                                                X/2/48
A visit to St. Eustatius                                                               II/2/31
Jews in the Islands of the French West Indies                                           V/4/13
Jews of exotic Surinam and their history                                             VIII/2/16
The Jews of the Caribbean                                                              XI/3/48
Book Review: The Jews of Jamaica                                                       XV/2/65
Suriname Cemetery                                                                   XVIII/4/67
Book Review: The Jewish Nation of the Caribbean	                                      XIX/1/60

Consular records in Shanghai about Jewish refugees                                      X/2/23
Hoover Institution has Shanghai consular records                                        X/2/67
Books on the Jewish Shanghai experience                                                XI/3/62
Shanghai Jewish refugee book now available                                            XII/1/67
The Tenacity of Jewish Identity: A Chinese Case Study                                  XV/4/31
Book Review: Faces of the Jewish Experience in China                                   XV/4/61
Shanghai and Tsingtao Municipal Records in the U.S. National Archives                 XVI/1/33
Shanghai HIAS Lists                                                                  XVII/4/19
Yiddishkeit on the Yellow River                                                     XVIII/1/45
Shanghai HIAS Lists Available for Research at YIVO	                               XX/1/58

Computers and genealogy                                                                VI/1/11
Genealogy software: Relativity                                                        VII/3/38
Genealogy software: Personal Dorot                                                    VII/3/39
A proposed standard in genealogical software systems for identifying Jewish persons with
    no surnames                                                                      VIII/1/40
Computer bulletin boards as a tool for the exchange of data                          VIII/2/33
Macintosh software for Jewish genealogy                                                IX/3/26
Software review: Roots IV: Software to Make History                                    IX/3/62
Computer resources for Jewish genealogy                                                 X/1/35
Comments on PAF features                                                                X/1/64
Program to help in documenting names on gravestones                                     X/1/67
Internet for Greenhorns                                                               XII/3/03
Avotaynu puts database on Web                                                         XII/3/07
List of Internet World Wide Web Sites For Jewish Genealogy Research                   XII/4/21
Ilanot: Jewish Genealogy Software                                                     XIV/2/63
Only a Mouse Click Away: Using the Internet to Build Your Family Tree                 XVI/4/43
Internet Subscription Databases for Genealogical Research                           XVIII/3/20
Databases and Free-Text Searches: Some Advantages and Disadvantages                   XXVI/1/9

Availability of papers given at international seminar                                  IV/1/20
Plans for Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy                                           IV/2/33
Report on Seventh Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy                                   IV/3/03
Report on plans for Eighth Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy                           V/1/11
Proceedings of Second International Seminar available                                   V/2/17
Third International Seminar: An update                                                VII/1/07
Eleventh Summer be New York Experience                                   VII/4/16
President of JGS Moscow to speak at Twelfth Summer Seminar                             IX/1/05
Seminar will return to Jerusalem in May 1994                                           IX/2/14
Fourth International Seminar of Jewish Genealogy Supplement                         IX/3/31-38
Report on Jerusalem seminar                                                             X/2/03
1995 Seminar Planned for Washington, DC                                                 X/2/33
Fourteenth Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy--June 25-29, 1995                         X/3/33
Seminar held in Washington attracts 628 attendees                                      XI/3/08
Speakers at the 15th Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy                               XII/1/21
Report on Boston seminar                                                              XII/3/39
Fifth International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy: Paris, July 13-17, 1997              XII/4/29
Annual Genealogy Conferences and the Jewish Genealogist                                XV/3/11
Call for Papers: 2000 Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy                            XV/3/15
Jewish Genealogy Seminars: Then and Now                                                XV/3/16
20th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy                                      XV/4/36
Something for Everyone Is Content of Lectures at Salt Lake City Conference             XVI/1/5
Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy Attracts 625 Registrants to 
     Lectures and Family History Library                                              XVI/2/10
21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy                                     XVI/2/18
21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy Registration Form                   XVI/4/23
London Conference: The Most International to Date                                    XVII/3/16
London Conference Tales                                                              XVII/4/22
2002 Jewish Genealogy Conference, Toronto, August 4-9                               XVIII/1/13
Toronto Points Way to New Thoughts about Jewish Genealogy Conferences               XVIII/3/25
Call for Proposals: 23rd IAJGS International Conference on 
     Jewish Genealogy July 20-25, 2003--Washington, D.C.                            XVIII/3/29
Highlights of 2003 Conference Program in Washington DC	                              XIX/1/16
Preview of 2004 International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem	      XIX/2/27
Annual Jewish Genealogy Conference Is Where It Is All At	                      XIX/3/14
A Small Taste of What to Expect at the Jerusalem Conference	                       XX/1/21
Jerusalem Conference a Great Success	                                               XX/2/47
A Glimpse of What to Expect at the Las Vegas Conference	                              XXI/1/27
Annual Conference Set for New York August 13-18, 2006	                              XXI/3/25
Program for International Conference on Jewish Genealogy Includes Many Firsts        XXII/1/17
New York Conference Breaks All Records                                               XXII/3/43
IAJGS Conference Goes to Salt Lake City in 2007                                      XXII/4/23
Salt Lake City, Here We Come!                                                          XXIII/1/22
Salt Lake City 2007: 27th Annual IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy       XXIII/3/24
A Conference to Sing About: Chicago 2008: 
     28th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy                        XXIII/3/26
Chicago 2008: Research
Opportunities in the Windy City                                                       XXIII/4/15
IAJGS Chicago 2007 Program: Guns, Cats and DNA                                       XXIV/1/21
28th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Chicago                   XXIV/2/23
Philadelphia: Site of 29th International IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy        XXIV/3/21
Program Announced for the 29th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy             XXIV/4/17
Philly2009: Where You Can Learn, Enhance Research Skills, Network, and Have Fun              XXV/1/37
Highlights of the Philadelphia Conference                                                    XXV/2/41
Los Angeles to Host 30th IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy                                XXV/3/24
Regional Conferences Held by Australian and Israeli Jewish Genealogical Societies            XXV/3/27
IAJGS Conference Is Coming                                                                   XXV/4/20
USHMM Resources for Attendees of 2011 IAJGS Conference                                      XXVI/2/21
Opinion: Less Is Better                                                                      XXVI/2/3
31st Jewish Genealogy Conference Scheduled for Washington DC, August 2011                   XXVI/3/17
IAJGS Conference Program Features 160 Events                                               XXVII/1/43
Thoughts about the Annual International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies Conference XXVII/1/45
Reflections on the 2011 IAJGS Conference                                                   XXVII/3/25
Basics of the 2012 IAJGS Paris Conference                                                  XXVII/3/27
On Guard and.Paris Here We Come                                                            XXVII/4/36

Croatia: Book Review: Jews in Croatia: Jewish CommunitiesXXVI/4/72
Cuba: Book Review: An Island Called Home: Returning to Jewish CubaXXV/1/59
Czech Republic: Book Review: Osudy olomouckych sladoven a sladovnickych firem v kontextu vyvoje sladovnickeho prumyslu (od 60. let 19. Stoleti do  roku (Malt houses and malt companies of Olomouc: Their fortunes in the context of malt industry develop-
Czech Republic: When Jews Could Not Marry: Forbidden Marriages in 18th- and 19th-Century BohemiaXXV/1/29
Czech Republic: Records of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia: Similarities and DifferencesXXVII/1/17
Czech Republic: 1785 and 1793 Censuses of the Jews of Bohemia: Frequency and Categories of SurnamesXXVII/1/19
Czech Republic: Book Review: Rabbis and Revolution: The Jews of Moravia in the Age of EmancipationXXVII/1/63
Costa Rica
History of the Jews of Costa Rica                                                       V/4/S6

Jewish Community Records of Croatia Filmed by LDS Family History Library                XV/2/5
Researching Jewish Family History in Croatia, Slavonia and Hungary                   XVII/3/28

Jews of Cuba	                                                                      XIX/2/54
20th-Century Havana Jewish Community                                                 XXII/1/51

Documenting Cypriot Jews                                                                V/2/26

Czech Republic (see also Slovakia)
Jewish genealogical research in Czechoslovakia                                         IV/1/03
Important address ... for Czechoslovakian research                                      V/4/05
Austro-Hungarian military records available                                            VI/1/41
News for Czechoslovakia                                                                VI/1/41
Genealogical research in Czechoslovakia: An update                                     VI/3/08
Jewish genealogical research in Slovakia                                              VII/1/08
Complete catalogue of records for the Jewish communities of Bohemia and Moravia,
    excluding that of Prague                                                          VII/3/20
History of record keeping in Bohemia                                                  VII/3/22
Book review: Guide Book: Jewish Sights of Bohemia and Moravia                          IX/1/63
Book review: The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia: a Historical Reader                      IX/1/63
Survey of Jewish monuments in the Czech Republic                                       IX/2/22
List of cemeteries surveyed in the Czech Republic                                      IX/2/23
Recommends source for genealogical inquiries in Czech Republic                         IX/4/70
Book review: The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia: A Historical Reader                       X/1/60
Connections in the Czech Republic                                                     XII/2/21
On-Site Jewish Genealogical Research in the Czech and Slovak Republics                XII/3/15
Archives in Bohemia and Moravia                                                       XII/3/17
Book review: Bohemia and Moravia Deportations: Terezin Memorial Book                  XII/4/81
Reclaiming Property in the Czech Republic                                             XVI/4/89
Restoration of Jewish Heritage in South Bohemia: A Project of the Rozmberk Society    XVI/4/37
Cites Sources of German, Austrian and Czech Holocaust Victims Names	              XIX/4/79
Moravia Revisited	                                                               XX/4/11
Book on Moravia/Silesia Monuments	                                              XXI/1/62
Combining Censuses and Familiant Records in Bohemia	                              XXI/3/12
Directory of Jewish Families in 18th-Century Bohemia                                 XXII/3/11
Czech Archival Sources: History of the Jews in the Czech Lands                       XXIV/2/19
Accessing Archival Sources: Project Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia                    XXIV/2/51
Additional Czech Holocaust Resources                                                 XXIV/3/59

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