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AVOTAYNU maintains an index to selected articles that have appeared in the first eighteen volumes (19852008) of the publication. Only shown are major articles and some excerpts from the sections "From Our Contributing Editors" and "From Our Mailbox." Not shown is the "U.S. Update" column, which is a digest of articles that appeared in publications of the Jewish genealogical societies and special interest groups. The articles in Volume III, Number 4 and many in Volumes IV-XXIV, Number 4, were human interest features and, therefore, are not part of the index. Each entry is the title of the article followed by the volume/number/page. Back issues can be purchased for $10 each ($12 outside North America) from Avotaynu, Inc., 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Note: Most earlier back issues are available in photocopy version only. All back issues from 19852008 are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 plus shipping. An annual subscription to Avotaynu is $38.00. Subscribe now!

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East Europe--General
Our elusive ancestors XII/1/03
General problems of Eastern European Jewish onomastics XII/2/07
News from RAGAS XV/3/26
Avotaynu Offers JPGs of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe XVI/1/42
Eastern European Jewish Emigration via Hamburg XVII/2/11
Eastern European Archival Database Planned XVII/3/3
Tracking Family Documents Across Eastern-European Borders XVIII/1/3
Box Tax: A Tax on Jews, for Jews XVIII/4/43
New Local Jewish History Books Appearing in Eastern Europe XXI/2/58
Restoring Our Heritage, One Cemetery at a Time  XXII/2/29
Book Review: The Jews of Eastern Europe 1772–1881     XXII/2/64

Searching for the Roots of Ashkenazic Jews Who Lived Outside the Pale of Settlement XXII/4/39

East European Archival Internet Sites     XXIII/3/03 

Locating Hard-to-Find Library Holdings in Europe      XXIII/3/64
Reports on Egyptian records, group for study of Jewish languages IX/3/66
History of the Jews of Egypt X/1/30
Vital Records from Egypt Available XIII/3/33
Egyptian Jews in Australia XIII/4/79
Egyptian-Jewish Expatriates Form International Society XV/3/32
Organization Preserves Egyptian-Jewish History XVII/3/67
Jews in Egypt XX/2/50
The 1840 Montefiore Census of the Jews of Alexandria, Egypt XX/4/18
The Jews of Modern Egypt and Their Records      XXIII/2/33

Pamphlets about Jewish communities in Britain I/1/12
Jews of Birmingham, work of the Jewish Historical Society I/1/13
Jewish yearbook of 1896 I/2/09
How to obtain vital statistic records from the United Kingdom II/1/23
Bibliography used at family history workshop II/2/16
Guide to British census records II/2/21
Immigration records in London II/3/16
An American perspective on London research II/3/17
Jewish cemeteries in London II/3/23
The value of wills to the genealogist III/1/20
Recent acquisitions at the Museum of the Jewish East End III/2/20
London International Seminar--Sources of British records III/3/04
Book available about Jews arriving in Birmingham 1933-1945 IV/3/20
Maritime museum wants oral histories and records V/1/15
Listing of London Jewish cemeteries available V/2/17
Status of Chief Rabbi's records VI/2/26
More on status of Chief Rabbi's records VI/3/20
Describes status of Chief Rabbi's records VI/3/38
Hyamson and Colyer-Fergusson collections VII/1/15
History of preservation of documents in Office of the Chief Rabbi of UK VII/1/17
Organizational division of British Jewry VII/2/24
Comment on Hyamson and Colyer-Fergusson collection article VII/2/25
Bevis Marks Records Part 4 VII/2/25
Older London burial records and sites VII/3/24
Locates Hyamson and Colyer-Fergusson collections VII/3/46
Poor Jews Temporary Shelter registers (1896-1914) VII/4/58
More on the Colyer-Fergusson collection VIII/2/28
Census of 1891 released VIII/2/36
Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain founded VIII/2/36
Research using the 1891 census VIII/2/42
Describes resources available from Court of the Chief Rabbi VIII/2/58
Resources at Jews College VIII/3/50
First meeting of JGS of Great Britain VIII/3/50
Conference on Jewish Patterns of Migrations planned in England for June 1993 VIII/4/65
Plans to index 1770-1905 registers of the old Hambro Synagogue IX/1/38
1871-80 index of Jewish Chronicle IX/1/38
Jewish blood in the British royal family IX/2/43
Dealings with Central Registry Office IX/2/47
Passenger lists of British Public Records Office IX/2/47
Early years of Leeds Jewish community IX/2/48
London West End project planned IX/2/63
Bevis Marks synagogue needs repair IX/2/63
Additional resources for Anglo-Jewish genealogy IX/3/49
More on royal Jewish blood IX/3/50
Manchester Jewry IX/4/51
English naturalizations 1902-06 IX/4/51
Bevis Marks Records--Part V Jews of South West England IX/4/51
Jews of Portsmouth X/2/50
Bevis Marks Records X/2/50
Jews of southwest England X/2/50
Book review: Your English Ancestry: A Guide to North Americans X/2/62
Book review: Bedford's Second Jewish Community X/2/63
Expands on Jewish ancestry of British royal family X/2/66
Book on 1891 census X/3/44
Naturalization and name changes in the British Isles X/3/44
Book review: A Documentary History of Jewish Immigrants in Britain X/4/79
Court of Chief Rabbi in London XI/1/43
Indexing of London synagogue records XI/1/44
The Jewish Burial Ground at Jewbury XI/1/66
The History of the Harrogate Jewish Community XI/3/81
New chapter formed in southern England XII/1/40
Book review: The (Anglo) Jewish Year Book XII/1/64
Book review: Disraeli: A Biography XII/1/64
Newly discovered pinkassim of the Harkavy Collection XII/2/32
British Telcom archives XII/3/53
Studies in Anglo-Jewish history XII/3/53
Jewish south-west of England census returns 1841-1891 XII/3/54
Federation of Synagogues records XII/3/54
Personal research at the Mocatta Library XII/3/54
Dover Jewry XIII/1/39
Poor Relief Application of Glasgow XIII/1/39
Public Record Office in Kew XIII/1/39
1851 British census XIII/2/50
Family trees in society library XIII/3/49
Willesden cemetery XIII/3/49
English wills XIII/4/79
Jews of Northampton XIII/4/79
Using the Records of the Poor Jews' Temporary Shelter XIV/1/37
Elizabethan marranos XIV/1/46
Jews' Free School XIV/1/46
Web site for JGS of Great Britain XIV/1/46
Society has Web site, Southampton University's Jewish archives XIV/2/47
Royal Geographic Society Map Room XIV/3/69
Untapped London resources XIV/3/69
Veterans museum XIV/3/69
Book on Jews of Cornwall, England, planned XIV/4/69
Jewish cemeteries of East Kent XIV/4/69
Jews of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales XIV/4/69
Book Review: The Jewish Victorian XV/4/61
Using CD-ROM Databases and the Internet to Research England from Afar XVI/1/25
Major London Record Offices for 2001 XVI/3/46
Research in London and Liverpool with London 2001 in Mind XVI/4/27
Leeds in the LDS Library XVI/4/28
Bevis Marks and the London Sephardi Community XVII/1/29
Genealogical Resources at London's Guildhall Library XVII/1/30
The Role of Shelters in Jewish Migration Via the United Kingdom 1850-1914 XVII/1/31
1901 British Census Released XVIII/1/12
Genealogical Resources in the British Library Hebrew Collection XVIII/1/39
Questions Restrictions on British Vital Records Access XVIII/1/67
Information Source for Jews Who Served with British Military Forces XVIII/2/41
Jewish Soldiers Killed in WWI XIX/1/47
Provincial Anglo-Jewry XIX/1/47
Re-admission of Jews to England in the Mid-17th Century XIX/2/54
Jewish Military Personnel, Ethics and Genealogy XIX/3/52
Burial Records at Federation of Synagogues XX/1/47
Hull Jewish Cemetery Records XX/1/47
Jews Free School XX/1/47
New Internet Resources for Research in the United Kingdom XX/1/26
Personal Announcements in London Jewish Chronicle XX/2/50
Marriage Index for London Great Synagogue 1791-1885 XX/3/47
Anglo-Jewish Charities XXI/1/47
United Synagogue Records XXI/1/47
British Naturalization Records XXI/2/43
Cataloguing of Naturalization Records XXI/2/43
Old Bailey Prison of London Records Online XXI/2/43
Index to London Jewish Chronicle XXI/3/52
Naturalization Records at the British National Archives XXI/3/09
Book Review: Jewish Ancestors? A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in the United Kingdom    XXII/3/60
Book Review:
The Sephardim of Manchester: Pedigrees and Pioneers  XXII/3/60
Costa Fascination: One of England’s Oldest Jewish Families  XXIII/1/28

Plan to Identify Jewish UK Fire Service Persons XXIII/3/64

Estonia (see also Russia, USSR) Judaica in the Historical Archives of Estonia IX/3/15 Jewish vital records from Estonia filmed by Family History Library XII/2/43 Estonian records XIV/3/69 Attitude of Baltic Peoples Toward the Jews During World War II XIX/2/47
Jewish Surnames in the Baltic Countries XX/4/28
Ethiopia Jewish life in Ethiopia and Kenya V/2/13 Europe--General Book review: In Search of Your European Roots II/1/32
In pursuit of Zionist ancestors VII/1/13
Synagogue art research in Europe VII/2/11
Survey of Jewish sites in Europe planned VII/2/14
Clarifies Karolines IX/3/66
Book review: A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe IX/4/68
Book review: Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide of Central and Eastern Europe IX/4/68
Discovered: An 1839 travelogue through the Jewish world X/3/18
Book Review: In Search of Your European Roots XI/1/66
Age overstatement among European Jews XI/2/30
Post-Paris seminar field trips to be coordinated XII/1/42
Mandated family names in Central Europe XII/2/34
Post-Seminar field trips to Eastern Europe after Paris conference win support of head
archivists XII/2/52
To Paris and beyond: July 1997 XII/3/30
Information about post-Paris trips XII/4/33
Central and East European Map Collections and Related Information at the
U.S. Library of Congress XVII/2/23
European Jewish Genealogical Societies Form Their Own Federation XV/1/66
Plan to Study Ancestry of the Ashkenazim XV/4/66
The Influence of Migrants from Czech Lands on Jewish Communities in
Central and Eastern Europe XVI/2/19
European Emigration and Its Mark on Genealogical Research XVI/4/6
The Evolution of Ashkenazic Given Names: Some General Aspects XVII/1/18
Ashkenazic European Names: Databases for European and Foreign Countries XVII/1/47
Patterns of Late 19th- and Early 20th-Century Migration and
Transmigration from Europe XVII/3/35
Book Review: Historical Atlas of Central Europe XXI/2/64

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