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Latvia (see also Russia, USSR)
Report on Ukrainian and Latvian archives                                               IX/3/08
Jewish vital statistic records in the Latvian Archives                                  X/1/15
    Family History Library                                                             IX/1/11
Latvia bars researchers from vital records                                             XI/1/45
Additional metrical records of Latvian towns                                           XI/3/67
Additional Latvian Microfilms                                                         XIV/2/24
Success at the Latvian Archives                                                      XIII/2/67
Jewish cemeteries in Latvia                                                          XIII/4/79
Latvian sources include police lists, directories, history books, old newspapers     XIII/4/79
Success with the Latvian Archives                                                    XIII/4/98
Records from Latvia in the LDS Collection Include Jewish Information                  XIV/1/25
Latvian records in the Minsk archives                                                 XIV/1/46
Latvian-Jewish Genealogy: Research and Resources                                      XIV/3/32
Cemetery projects in Latvia and Lithuania                                             XIV/3/69
Latvian records in Lithuania                                                          XIV/3/69
Latvian resources in the Minsk archives                                               XIV/3/69
Libau: A Gateway for Emigration from the Russian Empire                                XV/1/20
Jews in Liepaja, Latvia, 1941-1945                                                   XVII/3/17
Book Review: History of Latvian Jews                                                XVIII/1/65
Attitude of Baltic Peoples Toward the Jews During World War II XIX/2/47
Jewish Surnames in the Baltic Countries XX/4/28
Combining Latvian Archives and Yad Vashem Database for Research XXI/1/30
Website for Latvian Jewish Genealogy and Tourism XXI/3/52
A Website List of Latvian Jewry Prior to World War II XXIV/3/09

LDS (Mormon) Family History Library Romanian records in LDS Family History Library VII/3/44 LDS Family History Library has Irish-Jewish records VII/3/47 First Belarus Jewish records arrive at LDS Family History Library X/4/07 Microfilms about Jews of Lorraine at LDS Library VIII/4/55 A conversation with the LDS Family History Library's "Jewish expert"--Daniel M. Schlyter IX/4/05 LDS Family History Library Publications List XI/4/75 Jewish vital records from Estonia filmed by Family History Library XII/2/43 Crimean Jewish records at LDS (Mormon) Family History Library XII/3/36 The LDS (Mormon) International Genealogical Index: What Is It? XII/4/07 Recent Acquisitions of the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library XIV/2/23 LDS (Mormon) Family History Library Catalogue to Go Online XV/1/46 Mormon Family History Department Goes on the Internet XV/2/4 Using the Mormon Family History Catalog on the Internet for Jewish Genealogy XV/2/6 Salt Lake City: A Genealogical Candy Store XV/4/3 What Is So Special About the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library? XV/4/6 More on Searching the Family History Library Catalog Online XV/4/66 Should You Order Films in Advance for Your Trip to the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library XVI/1/9 Some Unusual Jewish Records in the Family History Library XVI/1/40 The Records Acquisition Program of the Genealogical Society of Utah XVI/2/13 GSU, Belarus SIG and Litvak SIG Arrange Cooperative Indexing Project XVII/1/3 Difficulties with the CD: Jewish Records in the Family History Library Catalog XVII/2/43 Comments on FHL Catalog Article XVII/3/67 Goodstein Comments on Critical Article XVII/3/67 Restrictions on German Films at Family History Library XVIII/2/32 Exotic Jewish Holdings of the Mormon Library System XVIII/2/33
Says Mormons Are Not Christians XX/2/70
Cease Posthumous Baptism of the Jewish Dead:
Clear the Historic Records for Future Generations
New Religious Traditions: The Practice of Proxy Baptism XX/1/37
Mormon/Jewish Controversy: An Update XXI/3/06

Libya About the Jews of Morocco, Algeria and Libya X/3/38 Lithuania (see also Russia, USSR) Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel III/1/24 Missing YIVO records may be found V/2/26 Letter from Jewish Community of Kaunas V/4/21 Book on Lithuanian Jewish communities delayed VI/1/41 Vital records of Lithuanian Jewry found VI/2/03 Marijampole society VI/3/39 Jewish Vital Statistic Records in Lithuanian Archives VI/4/04 Book on Lithuanian Jewish communities to be published VI/4/62 A genealogical trip to Lithuania: the host's perspective VII/1/03 Book review: Lithuanian Jewish Communities VII/3/36
Numerous photographic essays of Jewish Lithuania planned VIII/2/57
Explains 1795 Revision List VIII/3/66
Lithuania reluctant to allow microfilming of Jewish documents VIII/4/03
Dvinsk, genealogy and post-Holocaust questions VIII/4/06
A trip to Skoudas, Kavarskas and Ukmerge VIII/4/09
More about the Lithuanian archives IX/1/65
Relates experience with Lithuanian archives IX/1/65
Poses theory for vanished cemeteries IX/3/65
SIG for northwestern Lithuania formed X/2/65
Recommends Lithuanian researcher located in Vilnius X/2/65
Reports on Jewish State Museum of Lithuania in Vilnius X/2/66
Notes difference in response between Lithuanian SSR archives and Republic of
Lithuania archives X/4/80
Lithuanian archivist heads speakers at Washington seminar XI/1/21
New archival finds from Lithuania XI/2/10
Archival sources in the Lithuanian State Archives XI/3/03
Using Litvak naming patterns to derive names of unknown ancestors XI/3/22
Holdings in the Vilnius archives XII/1/19
Jewish revision lists in Vilnius archives XII/2/19
Genealogical research in Lithuania--Summer 1996 XII/3/22
Explains Lithuanian revision lists XII/4/83
Jewish Given Names in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania XIII/2/20
Jewish Revision Lists in Lithuanian Archives XIII/3/23
Kaunas Archives XIII/3/25
Revelations and New Discoveries in the Vilnius Civil Registry Office XIV/1/21
Lithuanian Central Civil Register Archives Revisited XIV/1/22
Jewish Genealogical Resources at the Kaunas State Archives XIV/3/29
Cemetery projects in Latvia and Lithuania XIV/3/69
Remembering Lithuanian Shoah Victims: A Research Project XV/1/21
Jewish Life in Pre-Holocaust Panevezys, Lithuania XV/1/39
Book Review: If I Forget Thee...: The Destruction of the Shtetl Butrimantz XV/2/65
Lithuanian Foundation Now Registered As a Nonprofit Organization XV/3/71
Some Lithuanian Discoveries XVI/1/18
Missing Lithuanian Vital Records Found! XVI/4/42
Traveling in Lithuania: The Human Aspect XVI/4/54
GSU, Belarus SIG and Litvak SIG Arrange Cooperative Indexing Project XVII/1/3
Book Review: The Litvaks: A Short History of the Jews of Lithuania XVII/1/73
Researching 18th-Century Census and Tax Lists from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania XVII/3/7
Collection of Box Taxes in 19th-Century Lithuania XVII/3/43
Jewish Photographs in the Lithuanian Archives XVII/3/49
Book Review: The Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945: A Book of Remembrance XVIII/3/62
Levanda Index: A Review XVIII/4/47
A Synopsis of 18th-Century Lithuanian-Jewish History XVIII/1/23
18th-Century Records from the Former Commonwealth of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
and the Lithuania: Expresses Concerns About Lithuanian Holocaust Book XIX/1/67
Memel Archives Records Located XIX/1/19
Attitude of Baltic Peoples Toward the Jews During World War II XIX/2/47
Book Review: Sefer HaZikaron LeKehilat Yurburg-Lita XIX/4/75
Records of State Rabbis in the Kaunas Regional Archives XIX/4/19
Methodology for Researching 18th-Century Lithuania XX/3/07
Jewish Surnames in the Baltic Countries XX/4/28
When Good Men Do Nothing XX/4/06
Litvak Migratory Decisions in the 19th Century and Their
Consequence: Prussian Transit Migration   XXIV/2/29

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