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AVOTAYNU maintains an index to selected articles that have appeared in the first eighteen volumes (19852008) of the publication. Only shown are major articles and some excerpts from the sections "From Our Contributing Editors" and "From Our Mailbox." Not shown is the "U.S. Update" column, which is a digest of articles that appeared in publications of the Jewish genealogical societies and special interest groups. The articles in Volume III, Number 4 and many in Volumes IV-XXIV, Number 4, were human interest features and, therefore, are not part of the index. Each entry is the title of the article followed by the volume/number/page. Back issues can be purchased for $10 each ($12 outside North America) from Avotaynu, Inc., 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Note: Most earlier back issues are available in photocopy version only. All back issues from 19852008 are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 plus shipping. An annual subscription to Avotaynu is $38.00. Subscribe now!

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Baal Shem Tov project II/2/03
Ashkenazic Rabbinic Families III/3/07
Descendants of Rashi--Opinion 1 IV/2/07
Descendants of Rashi--Opinion 2 IV/2/09
Descendants of Rashi V/1/Sp.Sup
Are all Ashkenazim descended from Rashi? VI/1/28
Historicity of the Rashi descent VI/1/28
Book review: From King David to Baron David VI/2/23
Descent of Rashi: A review VI/2/35
Response to Jacobi's Rashi article VI/2/36
A seventeenth-century Luria manuscript VII/2/19
Questions Luria documentation VII/3/28
Question origin of surname Katz VII/3/28
Comments on Rosenstein's Luria lineage VII/3/47
More books on Rabbinic research VII/4/67
Rosenstein responds to critics VIII/1/57
Can we prove descent from King David VIII/3/29
Rashi's descent from King David VIII/3/31
From the seed of Rashi VIII/3/32
Chabad-Lubavitch literature as a genealogical source VIII/3/40
Expands on Chabad article VIII/4/66
The (Maternal) descent of Rashi IX/2/32
Descent from King David--Part II IX/2/34
Reprint of Otsar ha-rabanim available X/1/66
Spira and Luria families revisited X/4/17
Documenting the descendants of the Vilna Gaon XI/1/47
Which Rapaports Are Also SCHaCH Descendants? XI/3/50
The Reliability of Genealogical Research in Modern Rabbinic Literature XI/4/31
Englard's articles on questions in Rabbinic genealogy XII/1/36
Questions Rosenstein's article XII/2/66
Rappaport family: a response to Paul Jacobi XII/3/46
The Edelman Hoax and the Origins of Anglo-Jewish Aristocracy XIV/2/25
Hasidic dynasties XIII/3/49
Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family XIII/4/96
An Approbation for Neil Rosenstein and Dov Weber XIV/3/90
Sherwood "Forest" Through the Genealogical Trees XIV/4/21
Braude Beginnings XVI/3/43
Documentation of the Besht Found in Magnate Archives XVI/4/89
Questions "Braude Beginnings" XVII/1/75
A Method for Depicting Interconnected Rabbinical
Families Simultaneously: The Jewish Historical Clock XVII/3/10
Book Review: Beit Rabbanan: Sources of Rabbinical Genealogy XVIII/1/65
Genealogical Information in Rabbinical Texts: An Examination XVIII/2/43
Rabbinical Genealogies Prepared by Paul Jacobi XVIII/2/28
Genealogical Information in Rabbinic Texts II: An Examination XVIII/4/49
Descent from Rashi: A "Mythological Charter" XIX/3/03
Descent from Rashi: Response to Schellekens XIX/3/05
Descent from Rashi: Response to Rosenstein XIX/3/08
Shmuel Helman of Metz is the Son of Israel Heilprin: An Analysis XIX/4/27
Claims MaHaRam Pedigree Is Valid XX/1/58
The Mother of the Tosfot YomTov Revealed In Code XX/2/41
Ancestry of the Gaon of Vilna: Descent from King David XXI/3/43
The Maharal of Prague's Descent from King David XXII/1/21
The Significance of the Wives of Rebbe Reb Heschel of Cracow for Rabbinic Genealogy XXII/2/26

Questions Christian Sources for King David Descent    XXII/2/67

MaHaRaL's Descent from King David: Additional Comments      XXII/3/29

JRI-Poland Database and Rabbinic Data Merging   XXIV/2/43

Death in Venice: Seeking the Katzenellenbogen Tombstones    XXIV/3/40
Selected sources on Romania at the Central Archives of the Jewish People VI/1/15
Romanian holdings in the Diaspora Research Institute VI/2/13
Jewish genealogical society founded VII/3/30
Romanian records in LDS Family History Library VII/3/44
Iasi Jewish records missing VII/3/45
Origins of the Jews of Romania and their history up to the Basic Rules of 1831-32 VIII/2/19
Genealogical records (in Romania) have been destroyed VIII/2/42
Says Romanian records exist VIII/3/64
Political situation in country VIII/4/57
Situation in Romania. IX/2/51
Romanian records at the Holocaust Memorial Museum IX/4/18
Research strategies for records still held in Romania IX/4/18
Book review: Companion Guide to Romania X/1/61
Researching Jewish Romania on site XI/1//8
Sources of research for Jewish genealogy in Transylvania XI/2/29
Romania: The Sudits and other Jewish discoveries XII/1/29
Sources for Jewish genealogical research in Romania XII/3/08
Seeking Romaniote Jews XIII/1/67
Genealogy and History: Sources of Jewish Genealogical Research in Romania (18th-20th
Centuries) XIII/3/42
Sources of Jewish Genealogical Research in the Romanian Archival System XIV/3/22
Book Review: The Holocaust in Romania: The Destruction of Jews and
Gypsies Under the Antonescu Regime, 1940-1944
Jews in Transylvanian Towns in the First Half of the 19th Century XVII/2/29
B'nai Brith Plans Romania Project XVIII/1/78
Ashes and Flowers: A Family Trek to Jewish Poland and Romania XVIII/4/11
Adoption of Names in Romania XIX/2/54
Historical and Demographic Background of Jewish Family Research in Romania XIX/3/45
Resources for Romanian Jewish genealogy XX/4/62
Book Review: Finding Home: In the Footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers XXI/1/60
Access to Romanian Archives Moves Forward XXI/2/58

Russia (also see Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, USSR)
New Jewish Records of Hungary and Russia Available at the LDS Library XIII/1/51
To Register or Not to Register: The Administrative Dimension of the Jewish Question
in Czarist Russia XIII/1/6
Understanding Russian-Jewish Given Names XIII/2/3
Use of Revision Lists to Decipher a Family Tree XIII/2/43
RAGAS Reports Status of Record Access in Various Regions XIII/2/54
Hamburg Passengers from the Kingdom of Poland and the Russian Empire XIII/2/63
Jewish Migrations to Eastern Europe XIII/3/12
More on Revision Lists XIII/4/46
Danish Emigrant Lists on Web Include Many Russian Jews XIII/4/98
Notes Spelling of Vsia Rossiia XIII/4/98
Were There Jewish Revision Lists? XIV/1/26
Jewish Migration from Eastern Europe to Sweden from the 1850s to World War I XIV/1/39
Documents of the Soviet Evobshestvkom Committee as a Source of Genealogical
Information XIV/1/45
Russian Revision Lists Do Not Always Separate Jews from Christians XIV/1/67
Russian-Jewish Given Names: Their Origins and Variants XIV/2/61
Russian Revision Lists: A History XIV/3/59
Pseudo-Adopted Sons in Russian Revision Lists XIV/3/62
About the Russian Archivist's Soul XIV/3/66
Jewish Given Names in Eastern Europe and the U.S. XIV/3/9
In Which Haystack to Search: More on Sources for Russian-Jewish Genealogy XIV/4/16
Archival Sources for the Genealogy of Jewish Colonists in
Southern Russia in the 19th Century XV/2/14
Tackling the Lack of Surnames in 18th-Century Russian Records XV/3/17
Russia's Economic Crisis and Its Effect on Archives and Genealogists XVI/1/17
Residents' Lists and the Russian Military Draft XVI/1/20
Special Features of 20th-Century Resources for Genealogical Research in Russia XVI/1/23
Russian Court Rabbi Records Can Vary in Format XVI/1/67
Jewish Genealogical Research in the Imperial Russian Empire XVI/2/32
Gospodskaia Duma, Summer 1907; Voter Registration Lists XVI/2/38
Gubernskie Vedomosti on 35mm Microfilm XVI/2/40
The Russian National Census of 1897 XVI/3/29
Ships Missing from Migrations from the Russian Empire XVI/4/8
Tracing Our Families Through Russian Pogrom Records XVII/2/36
Book Review: Archival Judaica of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus XVII/3/66
The 1897 All-Empire Russian Census XVIII/3/23
Book Review: In Their Words--Volume 2: Russian XIX/1/60
Jewish Surname Changes Following Emigration from Russia XIX/2/16
New Sources for Genealogical Research in Imperial Russia XIX/2/21
Jewish Surnames in Russia, Poland, Galicia and Prussia XIX/3/28
Russian Exit Passports: Documentation of Emigrants from the Russian Empire XXI/1/03
Mining Russian Revision Lists for Hidden Information XXI/2/07
Using the Russian “Memorial” Database     XXII/1/27
The 1897 All-Empire Russian Census  XXIV/3/12

Jewish Surnames Adopted in Various Regions of the Russian Empire  XXIV/3/23

Book Review: A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the
Russian Empire: Revised Edition   

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