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AVOTAYNU maintains an index to selected articles that have appeared in the first eighteen volumes (19852008) of the publication. Only shown are major articles and some excerpts from the sections "From Our Contributing Editors" and "From Our Mailbox." Not shown is the "U.S. Update" column, which is a digest of articles that appeared in publications of the Jewish genealogical societies and special interest groups. The articles in Volume III, Number 4 and many in Volumes IV-XXIV, Number 4, were human interest features and, therefore, are not part of the index. Each entry is the title of the article followed by the volume/number/page. Back issues can be purchased for $10 each ($12 outside North America) from Avotaynu, Inc., 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Note: Most earlier back issues are available in photocopy version only. All back issues from 19852008 are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 plus shipping. An annual subscription to Avotaynu is $38.00. Subscribe now!

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Search for my namesake--Scottish style IV/1/18
Scottish-Jewish Archive Centre IV/2/23
Books on Scottish Jewish history V/1/19
Passage to America through Scotland V/4/07
Scottish Jewish records V/4/15
Books on Scottish Jewish genealogy VII/3/31
Cemetery burials in major Scottish cities VII/4/62
Research using the 1891 census VIII/2/43
Jewish roots in Scotland IX/1/37
Records of Janefield Cemetery found IX/1/43
Glasgow, Scotland Jewry X/2/49
Jewish refugees in Scotland during World War II XI/2/47
Historical database of Scottish Jewry XI/4/56
Jewish tombstone inscriptions in Scotland XI/4/56
Records of 5,000 Jewish burials now accessible XII/1/45
Scottish-Jewish historical database XII/2/42
Scottish Jewish Archives XIII/4/79
Jewish Genealogical Research in Scotland XIX/1/25
Scottish Civil Registration XIX/1/47
Scottish-Jewish Family History XIX/1/47
Online Database of Wills and Testaments XIX/3/52
Access to Public Records XX/3/47
General Register Office Places Vital Indexed Online XXI/1/47
Online Back Issues of Scotsman XXI/1/47
Online Family Histories XXI/1/47
Records of the Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation XXI/2/43

Sephardic (also see individual countries)
Sephardic Jewry; recommended readings VI/4/52
Sources for researching my Sephardic ancestors VII/1/18
Spanish Inquisition in Americas VII/1/19
Biography of Sephardic Jews and the Holocaust VII/2/17
The Ottoman Empire and Jewish genealogy VIII/1/17
Ottoman Empire resources VIII/1/18
The Marrano Diaspora VIII/1/09
Additional resources for Sephardic genealogy VIII/2/59
Resources for Sephardic genealogy VIII/3/48
Book review: The Sephardic Journey: 1492-1992 VIII/3/63
Book review: Sephardim in America IX/4/65
Sephardic electronic archive developed X/1/64
Sephardic genealogical research in Morocco X/3/40
Rosh-ha-shana memories and thoughts: Sephardic in form, Jewish in essence XII/3/27
Sephardic reference Sources XII/3/52
Converted and Reconverted: History of the Jews Who Stayed in Portugal (1497-1997) XIII/4/9
Crypto-Jews of the U.S. Southwest XIV/4/31
The Current State of Sephardic Jewish Genealogy XV/1/37
Documentation on Sephardic and Balkan Jewry at the U.S. Holocaust
Memorial Museum and U.S. National Archives XV/4/20
Book Review: Sephardic Genealogy: Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their WorldXIX/1/60
New Website for Sephardic Studies XIX/1/33
The 500-Year History of a Sephardic Family XIX/2/37
Book reviews of Sephardic Diaspora XIX/3/52
Crypto-Jews XIX/3/52
Book Review: Dicionário Sefaradi de Sobrenomes XX/1/56
Communities of North Africa XXI/1/47
Major Sephardic Internet Site: Les Fleurs de l'Orient XXI/1/19
Book Review: Sephardic Onomasticon XXI/2/64
Sources for Ottoman Sephardic Genealogy: Turkey and Rhodes XXI/3/35
Book Review: To the End of the Earth: A History of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico    XXII/1/69
Book Review: Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel    XXII/2/64

Sephardic Surnames: Evolution through the Millennia and Role in Genealogy     XXII/3/15

Book Review:
The Sephardim of Manchester: Pedigrees and Pioneers  XXII/3/60
Bushkando Muestros Nonos i Nonas: Family History Research on Sephardic
Jewry through the Ladino Language
Archives of the Jewish Community of Salonika      XIII/1/40

Preliminary Results of Sephardic DNA Testing    XXIII/2/09

Interview with Mathilde Tagger, Recipient of 2007 IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award 
SephardicGen: A Resource Guide for Navigating the Website and Exploring Its Riches    

Projects to Document Jews of Turkey, Salonika, Bulgaria, and Belgrade XIV/2/40
Records of Belgrade Jewry Available XVII/2/53

Slovakia (also see Czech Republic)
Book review: Zidovsk‚ N bozensk‚ obce na Slovensku IX/1/63
Slovakian Jewish research IX/4/14
Book review: Parish Registers in Slovakia IX/4/67
Gives hints on Slovak research X/3/65
On-Site Jewish genealogical research in the Czech and Slovak republics XII/3/15
Slovakian state archives XII/3/20
Two Guides to the Slovak Archives XVI/2/65
From Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov XVIII/1/37

Researching Jewish Family History in Croatia, Slavonia and Hungary XVII/3/28

South Africa
Jewish community of South Africa--an outline II/2/13
Why so many South African Jews are Litvaks V/1/19
Assistance in locating South African relatives VI/2/28
Mormon resources in South Africa VIII/2/44
Addresses of government archives and Jewish organizations VIII/2/44
Augments South African resources VIII/4/67
South African Jewry IX/4/51
"Is the History of the South African Jewish Community Worth Saving?" X/3/46
Gives address for South African Jewry project X/4/82
Compiling list of genealogical resources XII/2/45
Lithuania on the Veldt: Jewish Migration to South Africa XIII/3/19
Addresses for South African research. XIII/3/49
Bank records XIII/3/49
Jews of Marquard XIII/3/49
South African Center for Jewish Migration and Genealogy Studies XVIII/1/33
Locating South African Relatives in the EIDB XIX/2/33
South African Center for Jewish Migration and Genealogy Studies XIX/2/35
German Jewish Migration to South Africa XX/3/25
Book Review: Jewish Migration to South Africa: The Record of the Poor Jews’
Temporary Shelter, 1885–1914
Book Review: The Jews in South Africa: An Illustrated History; The Life and
Times of Congregation Kesher Israel

South America (also see individual contries) Travelers guide to South America VII/2/39 Spain History of the Jews of Aragon IV/3/20
Sources for Spanish and Portuguese genealogy XII/2/43
Jews of Andalusia XII/4/62
Inquisition records XIII/1/39
Jews of Andalusia XIII/1/39
Jewish sources on the Iberian Peninsula XIII/4/79
Crypto-Jews around the world XIV/2/47
Notarial papers of pre-Inquisition Spain, records of rural Moselle communities, Alsatian
records XIV/3/69
Escape Into Spain: Hispanic Way Station on the Road to Freedom XXI/1/23
Legacy of the Spanish Civil War XIX/4/49
Book Review: Jewish Remnants in Spain: Wanderings in a Lost World XXIII/1/67

Sudan Jacob's Children in the Land of the Mahdi: Jews of the Sudan XIII/4/96

Sweden Resources for Jewish genealogy in Sweden XI/2/39 Jewish Migration from Eastern Europe to Sweden from the 1850s to World War I XIV/1/39 Jewish genealogical society formed in Sweden XIV/1/46 Jewish Immigration to Sweden XX/1/47
Thesis on "Eastern Jews and Other Immigrants in Sweden--1860-1920" XXI/2/43
Switzerland History of Jews of Switzerland II/1/26 Family names found in various locations IV/1/24 Public records offices in Europe V/1/21 Jews in the Fribourg Territory VI/2/28 Family trees deposited in Zurich VII/4/63 Jews of Berne VIII/2/45 Cemetery in Zwingen VIII/4/57 Towns of Hagenthal and Hegenheim VIII/4/57 Jews of Avenches IX/1/43 Jews of Endingen, Hohenems IX/3/53 Book on bibliography of Jewish family research IX/4/54 Book on Jewish cemetery in Endingen-Lengnau IX/4/54 Memor-Buch Gallingen X/3/47
Mohel book from Alsace/Sundegau region XII/1/45
Swiss Records of Jewish Refugee During the Holocaust XIII/2/49
Wahl family of Reguisheim XIII/4/79
Swiss deported from France during the Holocaust XIV/3/69
Jews of Stuehlingen (Guggenheim, Randegg and Tiengen) XX/1/47
Swiss Baliff Records XX/1/47
Stolpersteine project XX/3/47
Breisach Community XX/3/47
Swiss Victims of the Holocaust XX/4/62
Jews of Pannonia XXI/3/52
Muelheim cemetery XXI/3/52

Syria Spanish-Jewish "nobility" of Aleppo, Syria VII/2/17 Genealogies of 30 families from Aleppo documented VII/4/61
Dayan Family of Aleppo: Direct Descendants of King David XX/2/31

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