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AVOTAYNU maintains an index to selected articles that have appeared in the first eighteen volumes (19852008) of the publication. Only shown are major articles and some excerpts from the sections "From Our Contributing Editors" and "From Our Mailbox." Not shown is the "U.S. Update" column, which is a digest of articles that appeared in publications of the Jewish genealogical societies and special interest groups. The articles in Volume III, Number 4 and many in Volumes IV-XXIV, Number 4, were human interest features and, therefore, are not part of the index. Each entry is the title of the article followed by the volume/number/page. Back issues can be purchased for $10 each ($12 outside North America) from Avotaynu, Inc., 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Note: Most earlier back issues are available in photocopy version only. All back issues from 19852008 are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 plus shipping. An annual subscription to Avotaynu is $38.00. Subscribe now!

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Ukraine (see also Russia, USSR)
Crimean Jewish names V/1/05
Resources for Ukrainian genealogical research V/2/04
Eastern Galician records available from Polish archives V/2/26
Important address for (Ukrainian) research V/4/05
Surname list of Berdichev available VI/1/43
Ukraine: Resources for research VI/2/08
Records of Jews in the Vinnitsa Oblast Archives VIII/3/10
Newly available materials on Jews/Jewish history in Lviv VIII/3/12
Yiddish Meidan: An agricultural colony in Ukraine VIII/3/17
Weiner discusses developments in Poland and Ukraine VIII/3/64
Kiev Library has wealth of uncatalogued Judaica VIII/4/47
Visits Jewish cemetery in Cherkassy IX/2/64
Report on Ukrainian and Latvian archives IX/3/08
Canadian archivists visit Ukrainian archives IX/4/09
Report on a recent trip to Ukrainian Archives X/1/03
A meeting with two officials of the Ukrainian Archives X/1/08
Sources for Jewish genealogy in the Ukrainian archives X/2/09
Ukrainian Archeographic Year Book X/2/49
Book describes pogroms in Ukrainian towns in 1919-1920 X/2/67
U.S. commission surveys continue in Ukraine X/3/65
About pogroms in Ukrainian towns in 1919-20 X/3/66
The practicalities of genealogical research in Ukraine X/4/03
Guide to the Jewish records in the Rovno Oblast State Archives X/4/05
On-site research in Ukraine XI/1/44
Reports on Visit to Cherkassy Archives XI/2/64
Travel to Zhitomir, Summer 1995 XI/4/13
Information for Jewish Genealogists in the State archive of Zhitomir oblast XII/1/14
Some information about Zhitomir XII/1/16
Trips to Ukraine and Holland XII/1/39
It's a long way to Uzhgorod, it's a long way to go XII/2/03
The Mountain Jews of the Caucasus XII/2/29
Book review: Jewish Documentary Sources in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus XII/4/81
Jewish Preservation Committee in Ukraine XIII/1/39
Records of the Kiev Board of Craftsmen XIII/3/41
Ukrainian State Oblast Archives as Source of Holocaust-Era Data XIII/3/53
Ukrainian Research and Ancestral Travels XIII/4/33
A Research Trip to Ukraine XIII/4/38
Finding My Ukrainian Family XIII/4/43
Jewish Colonists in Ekaternoslav Guberniya XIV/2/65
Permission to Live in Kiev XIV/2/65
A Trip to Ukraine XIV/4/51
Book Review: Kaminits-Podolsk and Its Environs XV/2/65
Book Review: Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova:
Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories
Finding My Roots in Southeastern Ukraine XV/4/28
Jewish Genealogical Research in Ukraine XVI/3/23
Selected Translation of Name Lists and Revisions from the Dnepropetrovsk Archives XVI/3/28
New Ukrainian Jewish Records at the Family History Library XVI/3/54
Book Review: Archival Judaica of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus XVII/3/66
Records From Northern Bukovina XVIII/3/17
Ukrainian Archives in the 21st Century XIX/1/12
Jewish Genealogical Resources in Transcarpathia XIX/2/06
USHMM Records from the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Archives XIX/4/23
Our Visit to Karpata-Rus XXI/1/33
Tabula Registers: An Untapped Genealogical Resource in the L'viv Archives     XXII/2/34
Jewish History as Reflected in the Documents of the State Archives of Odessa Region     
A Journey to Ukraine: A World That Was but Is No More XXIII/4/40

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