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AVOTAYNU maintains an index to selected articles that have appeared in the first eighteen volumes (19852008) of the publication. Only shown are major articles and some excerpts from the sections "From Our Contributing Editors" and "From Our Mailbox." Not shown is the "U.S. Update" column, which is a digest of articles that appeared in publications of the Jewish genealogical societies and special interest groups. The articles in Volume III, Number 4 and many in Volumes IV-XXIV, Number 4, were human interest features and, therefore, are not part of the index. Each entry is the title of the article followed by the volume/number/page. Back issues can be purchased for $10 each ($12 outside North America) from Avotaynu, Inc., 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Note: Most earlier back issues are available in photocopy version only. All back issues from 19852008 are available on CD-ROM for $99.95 plus shipping. An annual subscription to Avotaynu is $38.00. Subscribe now!

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USSR/Russia (also see Belarus, Moldova, Russia,
Are we descendants of Khazarian Jews? II/2/05 Book review: The Jews in Poland and Russia--Biographical Essay III/1/38
Origin of Russian-Jewish surnames III/2/03
Russian business directories as aids in genealogical research IV/2/03
Russian government to allow genealogical inquiries IV/3/02
Book review: Russia Gathers Her Jews IV/3/17
Matriken records V/1/34
U.S.-Soviet accord include plans for genealogical exchange V/2/03
Vital statistics in Czarist Russia V/3/06
U.S./USSR Genealogical Exchange Advisory Board holds meeting V/4/03
Book review: Handbook for Archival Research in the USSR V/4/10
New strategies necessary for Soviet inquiries VI/1/06
Soviet success stories VI/1/08
U.S. genealogical team visits Soviet archives VI/2/03
Vladmir Tarasov answers VI/2/05
Soviet trip (by archivists) delayed VI/3/21
Genealogical inquiries to Soviet Union VI/3/39
Russian sources in Western libraries VI/4/20
Russian business directories VI/4/23
A cemetery in (Irkutsk) Siberia VI/4/50
Experiences on a trip to the former Soviet Union VII/1/06
Genealogical service inaugurated for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine VII/2/03
Commentary on RAGAS agreement VII/2/04
Writing to Russia for genealogical information VII/3/04
Russian business directories--an update VII/3/13
Jewish patronymic and metronymic surnames in Russia VII/4/03
My Russian Research VII/4/29
History of the US-USSR Archival Exchange Program VIII/1/03
More Russian genealogical resources found in the U.S Library of Congress VIII/1/07
Jewish surnames in the Russian Empire VIII/3/03
Report on a Jewish genealogical seminar in Moscow VIII/3/08
Records of Jews in the Vinnitsa Oblast Archives VIII/3/10
RAGAS creates computer link between Washington and Moscow VIII/3/67
A note on accessing Russian voter lists VIII/3/67
Bukharan Adventure VIII/4/15
Some glimpses of studying Jewish genealogy in Russia VIII/4/31
International conference on genealogy held in Russia VIII/4/35
Records of Russian magnates as a genealogical resource VIII/4/37
Book review: Bukharian Jews VIII/4/62
Joint Distribution Committee records in Russia VIII/4/64
Survey of Judaica in former Soviet Union planned VIII/4/65
Little known sources of Russian-Jewish data IX/1/06
Jewish genealogical material in the archives of the former USSR IX/1/09
JGS Moscow meeting hears talk by literary critic Lev Anninsky IX/1/66
Reports of experiences dealing with the New Russia IX/1/67
A list of officers of Jewish Prayer Societies in Russia, 1853-55 IX/2/25
Book review: Synagogues, Prayer Houses and Their Employees in the Pale of
Settlement and Kurland and Livonia Provinces of the Russian Empire, 1853-
Russians seek American relatives IX/2/64
Corrects misspelled town names IX/2/64
Book review: A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire IX/3/10
Theories, assumptions and implications of some problems in researching Eastern
European records IX/3/12
Jewish genealogical research in Russia--the view from Moscow IX/3/28
How to do research in the former USSR--the view from Washington IX/3/39
Free market economy coming to Eastern European services IX/3/44
E-mail to former Soviet Union available IX/3/65
Describes Joint Distribution Committee records in Russian archives IX/3/67
Russian Empire Crown Rabbi Vital Statistic Registers X/1/17
Book review: The Jews of Kurdistan X/1/63
Group plans to document and preserve Jewish artifacts of the Russian empire X/1/65
Genealogy correspondence course announced in Russia X/1/66
Evaluates voter registration lists used to compile Beider book X/1/67
E-Mail service to Russia available through commercial venture X/2/65
What may be learned from 19th-century czarist Jewish birth records and revision lists X/3/03
A catalogue of Jewish monuments in the territory of the former Soviet Union X/3/15
Missing in Russia Organization formed X/3/44
First issue of JGS journal analyzes genealogical life in Russia X/3/45
Book review: Research Guide to Materials on Russian Jewry in Selected Archives of
the Former Soviet Union
Book review: Literature on Jews in Russian, 1890-1945 X/4/79
]Materials from the 1897 All-Empire Russian census held by the State Historical
Archives of Latvia XI/1/15
Book review: Documentary Sources on Jewish History in the Archives of the CIS and
Baltic States
Jewish treasures in the former Soviet archives: Opportunities and problems XI/2/07
Sources for genealogy in the Archives of the former Soviet Union XI/2/13
Thoughts on Jewish given names from analysis of czarist records XI/2/19
Migration from the Russian Empire: Lists of Passengers Arriving at the Port of New
K”nigsberg documents go well beyond description in finding indexes XI/2/64
Beyond the metricals: Records from the Russian Department of Police XI/4/03
Documents of Jewish genealogical value in the Radzivill Archive of the State Historical
Archives of Belarus XI/4/28
The current state of archival research in the CIS XII/1/06
Russian books of residents as a genealogical resource XII/1/23
Jews of Kurdistan and Zakho XII/1/44
Book review: Literature on Jews in Russian, 1890-1945 XII/1/65
Diaspora Research Institute documenting Carpatho-Russian jewry XII/1/66
Moscow' Osobyi Archives: a new genealogical source at U.S. Holocaust Memorial
Museum XII/2/37
What Is a box tax? XII/2/39
Book review: The Jews in Poland and Russia: Bibliographical Essays XII/2/63
Jewish agricultural colonies in New Russia XII/3/33
Russian archival and historical terminology XII/3/35
Crimean Jewish records at LDS (Mormon) Family History Library XII/3/36
Gubernskie Vedomosti: a genealogical resource XII/4/27
Book review: Jewish Documentary Sources in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus XII/4/81
Bringing the “Great Terror” Home XXIV/1/31

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