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[On April 23, 2015, Suzanne was inducted into the Personal Managers Hall of Fame]

For more than 40 years, Suzanne Schachter, founder of Suzelle Enterprises—a full-function talent management company—has been a leader in the entertainment industry. Her impressive roster of clients covers the entire spectrum of show business: legitimate theater, films, TV commercials, soap operas, primetime television series, commercial print, and broadcasting.

You have seen clients of Suzelle for more than four decades in highly recognizable TV programs and films such as Facts of Life, What’s Happening!!, Dynasty, Knots Landing, Another World, Guiding Light, All My Children, As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Band Of Brothers, Monarch Cove, USA High, Rooftops, The Five Heartbeats, Weekend at Bernie’s 2, Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights, Hook, Hero, Basketball Diaries, The Gifted, Super Heroes, The Good Shepherd, New York Serenade, Paladin, From Mexico With Love, Nurse Jackie, Gossip Girl, Rescue Me, Mercy, and many more. Most recently, significant bookings have been made on projects such as Boardwalk Empire, Nurse Jackie, Gossip Girl, Blue Bloods, Orange is the New Black, 30 Rock, Brotherhood, The Originals, The Good Wife, and old favorites such as the Law & Order franchise, and many others, too many to name. Her growing business also involves a commercial print department working with top advertising clients and handling sports and other celebrities for endorsements and personal appearances.

In recent years, impressive projects for Suzelle clients have included: Quinton Aaron, who played the lead as Michael Oher, alongside Sandra Bullock in the Academy Award winning film, The Blind Side. Chase Coleman on the FX pilot The Americans, Law & Order, Gossip Girl, the NBC series Kings, the CBS series The Good Wife, Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire on HBO, and The CW series The Originals, and recently finished the independent film Justice Served. Up and coming teen actor, Syam Lafi recently landed a recurring guest star role on the HBO pilot, Criminal Justice. Nick Mathews co-starred on the hit TNT series Political Animals and Sonja Perryman in the acclaimed Broadway play Celia as Young Celia Cruz; Anjelica Aragon in the film Bella, Ted Arcidi and Louis Arcella in the upcoming film The Family, starring Robert DeNiro and Michele Pfeiffer which was shot in France, Alec Von Bargen starring as Fidel Castro in Robert DeNiro’s film The Good Shepherd, Juan Carlos Serran in Fast Food Nation, to name a few. A new project, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Julie Taymor for The Theater for New Audiences opened on November 3, 2013, with Jake Faragalli having the only singing solo due to his extraordinary voice at the age of 11. Child stars whose careers she has launched include Chris Bones (Young Jared Banks on One Life to Live) and Allison Wachtfogel, a star of various Nickelodeon projects, including Pinky Dinky Doo. In addition, Suzelle clients were seen in hundreds of TV commercials, print ads, and in episodic TV series including The Sopranos, Rescue Me, Lipstick Jungle, and Damages.

Suzanne is also responsible for launching the careers of well-known TV stars such as Mindy Cohn of Facts of Life, Haywood Nelson of What’s Happening!!, Adam Lamberg of What’s Lizzie Thinking? (a.k.a. Lizzie McGuire), Lee Thompson Young of Jett Jackson, James Madio of Band Of Brothers and Hook, and Virginia Williams of Lifetime’s Monarch Cove. Suzanne launched Lea Michele (Glee) in Les Misérables on Broadway, when Lea was just seven years old. Her clients have worked for major film directors including Woody Allen, Spike Lee, Ron Howard, Dick Wolf, Steven Spielberg, Robert Rodriguez, Robert DeNiro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Pedro Damian.

In addition to the actors and actresses whose careers Suzanne guides and develops, she also creates endorsement and merchandising campaigns, and books personal appearances for many noted athletes and celebrities -- Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr., Ron Greshner, former Miss America Suzette Charles, Florence Anthony, Ira Joe Fisher, and Jill Whelan of The Love Boat fame. An exclusive collaboration with Bruce Levy Associates, the world’s premiere women’s basketball agency since 1979, has given Suzelle Enterprises an impressive roster of multitalented female athletes ranging from all time WNBA greats through current All-Stars. Suzanne also maintains an office in LA and conducts a great deal of business in Mexico where she also cultivates talent for all aspects of the entertainment industry.

In recent years, Suzanne has started managing the careers of some of the finest talent in the international Latin community. Manuel Ojeda, from Romancing the Stone, has also starred in numerous telenovelas. Angelica Aragon of the highly acclaimed films, A Walk in the Clouds, Picking up the Pieces by Woody Allen, and Havana Nights, most recently appeared in the critically-acclaimed Bella. In addition, Suzanne had represented (the late) Pedro Armendáriz, who had appeared in many U.S. films, including Amistad, The Mexican, Original Sin, Collateral Damage, Spielberg’s The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro, Will Ferrell’s Mamitas, and Casa de mi Padre. Pedro Armendáriz had starred as Jimmy Smits’ father in the TV series Outlaw. Diana Bracho has starred in A Streetcar Named Desire, Dangerous Liaisons, and Master Class in Mexico City, as well as played Harvey Keitel’s wife in Dreaming of Julia. Pedro Damian, renowned telenovela producer, has appeared as an actor in Frida and The Mexican and co-starred with Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy in Showtime. Many of Suzanne’s Latin actors can be seen in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Others in the Latin community include: Blanca Guerra, Juan Carlos Serran, Jesus Ochoa, and Christian and Sebastian Bach. Anilu Pardo has gained acclaim in New York with rave reviews for her role in Yerma and was critiqued as luminous, riveting, and hypnotic in her role as Young Frida in Passions of Frida Kahlo. She has also been seen in the films Upside Down, Time of the Butterflies, and the Jon Bon Jovi film Vampires: Los Muertos. Pardo most recently wrote, produced, directed, and starred in Ciudad Blanca, the smash hit theatrical production in Mexico City. Tiare Scanda, a highly acclaimed telenovela actress received great acknowledgement in the leading role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret. Juan Carlos Serran was seen in Fast Food Nation.

Most recently, Suzanne started an organization in Mexico and Latin America ICE (International Culture Exchange) with Antonio Arelle, the purpose of which is to bring to the attention of the rest of the world the beauty and rich culture of the fine arts of Latin America. After numerous successful shows in Latin America, she and her associate, Antonio, had their first art show at the New York Academy of Art whose resounding success prompted equally notable exhibitions.

Suzanne’s theatrical placements include the young Cosette in Les Misérables (as played by Lea Michele, who is now starring in the award winning Glee on FOX), Sunset Boulevard, Smokey Joe’s Café, Rent, La Bohème, The Pain and the Itch, Whistle Down The Wind, and Parade.

Suzanne defines her role of personal manager as someone who guides my clients in every area of their lives. I advise them on dress, makeup, and personal conduct. I draw on my experience and expertise to lead them on the road to success. Her professional managerial skills were honed on the first members of her client roster -- her three daughters. Each of them has been acting or modeling since childhood. Felice, the oldest, began modeling as an infant and has appeared in NBC’s Facts of Life, in the film Zapped playing opposite Scott Baio, and in many episodics. Felice is still participating in many aspects of the industry, producing a number of docudramas, films, and TV programs. She was the production coordinator for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and was honored to produce several PSAs to raise money for the families of the police and firefighters killed in the September 11th attack. Felice pitched a talk show targeted at mothers raising children in a world where every choice is laden with controversy. Having received her Master’s in Special Education, she views the education of autistic children as an important worldwide issue and spends much of her time counseling families as she works one-on-one with their children.

Simone Martel, her second daughter, appeared in the film Little Darlings and was a CLIO Award winner. Presently, she divides her time between charitable causes in New York City and working as a full-time mother. Simone is frequently called on to grant interviews for major network talk shows and national magazine articles. Her bio has been featured on A & E’s Biography. Youngest daughter, Janine, is an entrepreneur involved in fashion and fine arts photography and the production of music videos. Several of Janine’s fine arts photos are displayed in various major galleries. She donates a great deal of her time to working with orphanages in Romania and the AIDS crisis in South Africa. She appeared in Don Juan Comes Home From the War at the Manhattan Theatre Company.

Besides running a seven-day-a-week business, Suzanne is an active board member of Boys & Girls Harbor, a charitable organization for inner-city children. Along with fundraising for major philanthropic organizations, she is one of the members of the National Conference of Personal Managers. Suzanne has been interviewed on Good Morning America, Live With Regis, and numerous other talk shows. She has been featured in articles in the New York Daily News, New York Post, New York Times, People, US Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, and Los Angeles Times.

In her spare time, Suzanne designs and sews her own clothes, crochets, paints, does batik, and can whip up an industry-sized dinner in her turn-of-the-century Manhattan apartment at a moment’s notice. Not to mention, she writes for industry publications, and is frequently found all over the country giving seminars on the burdens and blessings of modeling and acting. Her latest venture? I’m threatening to write a book called Diary of a Stage Mother by a Woman Who Became a Manager in Self-Defense!

What makes Suzanne so successful in the industry and so cherished by her clients is her sincere devotion to not just what is right for his or her career, but what is right for the actor’s personal development. When it comes to participation in the industry, she says, People must take responsibility for decisions involving themselves or their children as actors. These decisions must be based on facts and knowledge, not ego. In April 1996, she was acknowledged and honored by the industry for her dedication and highly ethical standards by being inducted into the prestigious Models Hall of Fame.

Suzanne had been appointed as the Vice President and International Director for the Global Advertising Awards, which were held in Montreal in May 2011. Suzanne was the first to direct efforts towards Latin talent, and has worked with all the countries of Latin America. The Latin market prospered and then entertainment and advertising focused more on the Latin population in the United States. Suzelle Enterprises also has a very large division that is dedicated to the management of child actors.

Suzanne’s biggest asset is her personality and personal connections, followed closely by her knowledge of coordinating large events. She has worked in many different areas including awards shows in the United States, and huge fundraising charity events. Her glamor and great business sense, in addition to her personality, bring great respect to her in many different social circles, in the United States and internationally. r

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