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Seeing has advantages over reading, and two prominent genealogists have made video tapes which permit you to visualize two important aspects of Jewish genealogical research: record searching and travel. Useful for home and classroom.

How to Trace Your Jewish Roots: A Journey with Arthur Kurzweil
by Arthur Kurzweil
Using his own experience in tracing his family history, Kurzweil takes you to some of the major repositories which have records of your ancestors. He guides you step by step through the process of researching, acquiring and examining relevant records and historical documents.

33 min.                                     $29.95

Routes to Roots: Rediscovering Jewish Poland and Ukraine
by Miriam Weiner
Noted genealogist Miriam Weiner led a group of Holocaust survivors and genealogists searching for their roots on a tour of Galicia, to cities that are today part of Poland and Ukraine. The film shows a number of archives where the participants were granted access to records, as well as visits to the ancestral towns where the participants or their ancestors once lived.

29 min.                                     $29.95

The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe
Narrated by Theodore Bikel
Before the Holocaust, more than one thousand wooden synagogues existed in the shtetls of Eastern Europe. Many had stood for centuries, testaments to the craftsmanship and faith of the Jewish communities of the region. For decades, the world believed that these structures were all lost. Then, a few years ago, a team from Hebrew University in Jerusalem discovered six of these structures in Lithuania.

Albert Barry travelled to Lithuania and Latvia with a film crew to document these few remaining examples. While he was there, he found four more synagogues. The video also includes photos of many of the famous wooden synagogues of the past and file footage of Jewish life before the Holocaust. In additional to being an interesting video to be included in a home video library, it is worth showing to genealogical and general Jewish interest groups.

Run time 48 minutes. $25.00

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