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Dictionary of Bulgarian Jewish Surnames
by Mathilde A. Tagger

This book identifies 882 surnames used by Jews in Bulgaria. Each surname entry identifies its original language, a full reference for biblical, Talmudic or Mishnaic names, and a full meaning and reference to a medieval Spanish source when appropriate. Bulgaria was a melting pot for Jews. The various origins of these surnames are the result of waves of migration to Bulgaria from Bavaria, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Russia and Ukraine. A brief overview of Bulgarian Jewish history explains the origin and meaning of these names.

Typical entry:

Arditi {also Adut, Ardit, Ardot} (Spanish or Italian) Toponym of Roda, Catalonia province, Spain, meaning “from Roda”. Surname found 1387 in Barcelona. (Reference: Madurell Marimon, Jose M. “El arte de la seda en Barcelona entre judios y conversos.” Sefarad 1965, 25, 2:247–281). Derives from ‘ardito’ meaning ‘bold.’
7" x 10" 104pp. hardcover $20.00 

Bulgarian Jewish Surnames
Map of Bulgaria
Bulgaria: The Main Events in Her History
Unique Rescue of Jews of Bulgaria During World War II
Bulgarian Jews and Their Surnames
Nature of the Jewish Bulgarian Surnames
   Linguistic Origins
Language Distribution of the Surnames
Building the Dictionary
   Printed Material
   Archival Material
   Medieval Spanish Sources
Dictionary of Bulgarian Jewish Surnames

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