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On Oldness: How to Successfully Navigate Old Age
by Sallyann Amdur Sack PhD

In this book, Sallyann Amdur Sack, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and now an octogenarian, offers a simple guide to effectively managing the challenges specific to old age.  She argues that with attention and planning—plus a significant dose of health and good luck—old age can be a delightful, rewarding and pleasurable final stage of life.  She challenges the assumption that the progress of life is one long, slow stage to oblivion.

The book concludes with an Appendix that is a check-off list of more than 250 questions to ask yourself or the facility to which you are planning to relocate, to insure you are making an informed decision.

6" x 9" 100 pp. softcover $19.00 

Preface. vii
Acknowledgments. ix

Why I Wrote This Book. x

Chapter 1. What Exactly is Old Age?
. 1
Chapter 2. Money. 6
Advice for the Young. 7

Tasks to Address in Middle Age. 10

Writing a Will and Delegating Power of Attorney
. 12
Chapter 3. Health Issues. 15
Medicare. 15

Enrolling in Medicare. 16

Medigap Plans. 17

Medicare Part C.. 18

Medicare Part D Drug Plans. 18

Long-term Care Insurance. 19

Advance Medical Directive and a Health Care Proxy. 21

Zeke Emmanuel’s Challenge. 23

Chapter 4. Where Should We Live?. 27

Choice One. Age in Place. 28

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) 31

Chapter 5. How Will We Spend Our Time?. 38

Chapter 6. Emotional Challenges. 45

Depression. 46

The Role of Caretaker. 51

Random Thoughts as We Age. 52

Chapter 7. The Brain and Some Cognitive Concerns. 54

The Bottom Line. 60

Chapter 8. Confronting Death. 62

Appendix. Questions to Ask a CCRC.. 72

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