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Dictionary of Sephardic Given Names
by Mathilde A. Tagger

Nearly 2,000 Sephardic given names have been compiled by the author from hundreds of sources.

A typical entry includes:
   • Name: In the case of a variant or a diminutive, the root name is also shown
   • Gender: Masculine or feminine—not always obvious from the name itself
   • Etymology: The origin of the name.
   • Variants: When they exist, they are part of the root name entry.
   • Place: When a name is peculiar to a specific geographic area, the area is identified.
   • Source: The source where the name was found.
   • Diminutives: If existing, they are part of the root name entry.

7" x 10" 166 pp. softcover $24.00 

Dictionary Sephardic Given Names
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