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The Unbroken Chain - Third Edition - Volumes 1-7
by Neil Rosenstein

Author Neil Rosenstein has devoted the past 27 years to updating and improving his landmark work The Unbroken Chain and now is in the process of publishing its Third Edition. The new edition is a major improvement to the previous edition both in number of persons and quality of the work.

Second Edition Third Edition                   
Two volumes, 1,350 pages Eight volumes, 3,500 pages
20,000 names 50,000 names
Surname-only index Full name index
No illustrations Hundreds of illustrations
1,600 footnotes Thousands of footnotes
Up to 16 generations Up to 22 generations

The Unbroken Chain documents the descendants of Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen (MaHaRaM) of Padua (1482–1565) and Rabbi Judah Lowe (MaHaRaL) of Prague through 22 generations. Among the descendants of these two Torah Giants are numerous famous persons including Martin Buber, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Karl Marx, Moses and Felix Mendelssohn, Yehudi Menuhin, Moses Montefiore, Helena Rubinstein, Judge Judy Sheindlin. A high proportion of genealogies are those of the leading Hassidic dynasties: Levi Isaac of Berdichev, Halberstam, Horowitz, Rabinowitz, Ro­ke­ach, Shapiro, Spira, Teitelbaum, Twersky and others.

Volume 1: 8½" x 11" 862 pp. hardcover $99.00  
Volume 2: 8½" x 11" 714 pp. hardcover $99.00
Volume 3: 8½" x 11" 1004 pp. hardcover $99.00
Volume 4: 8½" x 11" 842 pp. hardcover $99.00
Volume 5: 8½" x 11" 540 pp. hardcover $99.00
Volume 6: 8½" x 11" 1516 pp. hardcover (2 books) $149.00 
Volume 7: 8½" x 11" 943 pp. hardcover $99.00  
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Complete list of names in Volume 1

Complete list of names in Volume 2
Complete list of names in Volume 3
Complete list of names in Volume 4
Complete list of names in Volume 5
Complete list of names in Volume 6
Complete list of names in Volume 7
Table of Contents Volume 1
Table of Contents Volume 2
Table of Contents Volume 3
Table of Contents Volume 4
Table of Contents Volume 5
Table of Contents Volume 6
Table of Contents Volume 7

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