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Auswandererhafen Hamburg
Hamburg Emigration Port

by Dr. Jörg Berlin and Matthais Schmoock

This richly illustrated book depicts the immigrant experience of your ancestors at one of the major ports of emigration in Europe: Hamburg. The incredible quality of the pictures makes you feel as if you are there as the people arrived at the port, were processed, boarded the ship and located a place in steerage for their trip out of Europe. There are sample posters, tickets, menus, and many cartoons that caricaturize the immigrants.

This book will not only be a valuable addition to your personal library but also your local synagogue or public library.

8" x 10"  80 pages  softcover                   $17.00

Book no longer offerred


A group of German Jews greet their coreligionists from Eastern Europe at the Port of Hamburg.

One of the nearly 100 illustrations in the book.

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