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The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835: Revised Edition
compiled by Edward David Luft

A list of  the original 5,173 persons living in the Grand Duchy of  Posen with information on names, towns of residence, occupation, and  additional commentary. The law that created the census and an  English translation is included.  Genealogists searching for 19th-century  ancestors in Posen (today Poznan) will find this work essential. The revised edition adds the following chapters not in the first edition:

  • A  completely revised Introduction with additional facts
  • Additional  information about the maps in the book
  • Translations of the professions
  • Analysis of persons who are citizens of Prussia and of Posen (dual citizens)
  • Analysis of the women listed in the book
  • Detailed analysis of the professions in the book
  • Lists first names of the persons naturalized
  • Reproduction of a naturalization patent
  • Greatly enlarged bibliography
  • List of libraries in which the first edition can be found.

8½ x 11"  308 pages  softcover                   $34.95

Grand Duchy of Posen

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Foreword by Sallyann Amdur Sack, Ph.D. ix

Preface by Rafał Witkowski, Vice Director of the Institute of History, Adam Mickiewicz University xii

Introduction xiii

Reproductions of Title and First Page of Original Book xxi

Translation of Foreword to the 1836 Book xxiii

Translation of Certificates of Authenticity xxiv

1819 Map of Prussia and Posen by Adolph Stieler xxv
1831 Map of Regierungs-Bezirk Bromberg (Müller) xxvi
1831 Map of Regierungs-Bezirk Posen (Müller) xxvii
1833 Map of Prussia and Posen by Adolph Stieler xxviii
1855 Map of Posen by Dr. Heinrich Berghaus xxix

Alphabetical List of Names 1

Index of Locations of Jews in Posen 105

Alphabetical List of Location of Places and Dependencies 109

Translation of professions 111

Dual citizens of the 16 “old” provinces and Posen naturalized in 1834 and 1835 125

Women naturalized in Posen in 1834 and 1835 126

List of Jews from Posen Naturalized at Liegnitz between 1812 and 1850 127

Analysis of professions 129

First names of persons listed 193

Royal Decree of 1 June 1833 Requiring the Census of the Jews of Posen [in German and in Polish] 199

English translation of Royal Decree 211

Regulations for implementing the Royal Decree [in German and in Polish] 216

English translation of Regulations 239

Reproduction of page of naturalization register 251

Reproduction of a naturalization patent 252

German/Polish names of locations and film numbers 255

Polish/German names of locations and film numbers 263

Selected Bibliography 271

Public and research libraries holding the first edition of The Naturalized Jews ... 275

About the Author 285