Convoy XX from Malines to Auschwitz - 1600 Souls    

From August 4, 1942 to July 31, 1944 more than 25.000 men, women and children—almost all Jews—were deported to Auschwitz from Belgium's detention camp "Caserne Dossin" in Malines. Only 1194 survived. The Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Malines recently created a temporary outside exhibit to demonstrate the scope of the tragedy by placing 1,200 photographs of just one convoy—Convoy XX. There were 1400 adults and 231 children on this convoy which departed Malines on April 19, 1943.  This exhibit is part of the Museum ongoing project,  "Give Them a Face".  By digitizing photographs they hope to give a face to at least 18,000 of the 25.000 deported Jews.

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