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Volume 6, Number 10 | June 28, 2005


Canadian Census Bill Is Law!
The Canadian Bill S-18, which allows public access to 20th-century census records, is law. Just a few days ago it appeared the bill would not be enacted because the House of Commons would run out of time and not give the bill its Third Reading.

The requirement was circumvented in a manner that only a politician could love. Early this morning, at the opening of the House, Dominic LeBlanc, Deputy Government Whip, rose and stated words to the effect that "If the Speaker would seek it, I believe he would have the unanimous consent of the House to deem Bill S-18, An Act to Amend the Statistics Act, to have passed Third Reading". That consent was given, a vote was taken, and the bill passed unanimously.

It is reported that the Library and Archives of Canada has already scanned images of the 1911 National Census of Canada, and they should be available online almost immediately. Canadian genealogists will then be able to spend their summer researching the 1911 records instead of continuing the fight to see them released.

In 1998 Statistics Canada raised concerns about the legality of the release of the historic census records claiming the informants were told the information they provided would be confidential. This led to the long effort of investigation, analysis, debate, and discussion over how to permit the use of historic census records in Canada. Gordon A. Watts of British Columbia formed a Canada Census Committee and rallied Canadians to write their Members of Parliament and testify before committees to push for access to these important historical and genealogical records.

A complete history of the project can be found at

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