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Volume 10, Number 7 | April 12, 2009

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Australian Immigration/Naturalization Records Online
The National Archives of Australia has online immigration records 1920–1950 and naturalization records as early as 1852 at

The Public Records Office of Australia also has information online about nearly 1.7 million people who immigrated to the country. The information is located at It consists of:
   • Index to Unassisted Passengers to Victoria from British (UK) and Foreign Ports, 1852-1923, with 1,503,856 names
   • Index to Registers of Assisted Immigrants, 1839–1871, has 173,316 names
   • Index to Outward Passengers to Interstate, U.K. and Foreign Ports, 1852-1896

Indexing of 1911 Census of England Now Complete
The 1911 census of England is now online and searchable. The last counties to be done—Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland—have been added to the database located at

Update of AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM
Since 1996, Avotaynu has offered all back issues of our journal, AVOTAYNU, on CD-ROM with a full-word search engine. It is updated every three years. A new version of the CD will be available in the next 60 days. It will contain all articles that appeared in AVOTAYNU in the past 24 years (1985–2008). People who own an older version of the CD will be able to upgrade for only $29.95 plus shipping. The new version will work on Windows Vista but a Mac version is still not available.

An index to all back issues of AVOTAYNU found at has been updated through 2008. It identifies 2,752 articles organized primarily by country.

The number of articles by country/topic are:
Algeria 7, Argentina 21, Australia 36, Austria 16, Austro-Hungary (also see Galicia and individual countries) 5, Belarus (also see Russia, USSR) 25, Belgium 23, Bermuda 1, Book Reviews 264, Brazil 23, Bulgaria 4, Burma 1, Canada 91, Canary Islands 1, Caribbean 9, China 10, Computers (also see Internet) 16, Conferences 48, Costa Rica 1, Croatia 2, Cuba 2, Cyprus 1, Czech Republic (also see Slovakia) 28, Denmark 2, DNA 16, East Europe—General 14, Egypt 9, England 122, Estonia (see also USSR) 5, Ethiopia 1, Europe—General 24, Finland 1, France 97, Galicia (also see Austro-Hungary and individual countries) 18, General 192, Germany 162, Gibraltar 1, Greece 10, Holland 82, Holocaust 160, Hungary 45, India 5, Internet 18, Iraq 2, Iran 5, Ireland 2, Israel 121, Italy 13, Latvia (see also USSR) 26, LDS (Mormon) Family History Library 28, Libya 1, Lithuania (see also Russia, USSR) 61, Methodology 64, Moldova (also see Russia, USSR) 5, Morocco 16, The Netherlands (see Holland), New Zealand 12, North Africa (see also Algeria. Morocco, Tunisia) 2, Poland 103, Portugal 20, Rabbinic 57, Romania 29, Russia (also see various countries, USSR) 44, Scotland 27, Sephardic (also see various countries) 37, Serbia 2, Slovakia (also see Czech Republic) 8, Slovenia 1, South Africa 20, South America 1, Spain 11, Sudan 1, Sweden 5, Switzerland 24, Syria 3, Tunisia 3, Turkey 21, Ukraine (see also Russia, USSR) 56, United Kingdom (see England, Scotland), United States 209, USSR (see also Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine) 91, Venezuela 1, Zimbabwe 1, Total 2752

The index does not include our “Ask the Experts” and “U.S. Update” columns or most human-interest articles that appeared in the Winter issue every year. All these are on the CD-ROM. A selection of 72 of these human interest articles appears in the book Every Family Has a Story.

London Databases at plans to have available at its site information about London, England, over a 400-year time period. Key record types in this collection will include parish and workhouse records, electoral rolls, wills, land tax records and school reports. When completed, the collection will include more than 77 million records. Some of the records now available are:
   • London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1834–1906
   • London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1834–1934
   • London, England, Poor Law Records, 1840–1938

FamilySearch Indexing Projects
FamilySearch, the genealogy arm of the Mormon Church, has more than 80 indexing projects in progress. They can be viewed at Each project includes links to a page that shows sample documents. Some of the projects are:
   • 1916 Canadian Census
   • Belgium–Antwerp Foreigners Index, 1840–1930
   • Bremen passenger lists, 1904–1914
   • Massachusetts Marriage and Death Records, 1906–1915
Family Search was previously know as the Genealogical Society of Utah.

Tool Converts GEDCOM to Excel, Access or CSV Files
Jeffrey Malka, author of Sephardic Genealogy, notes that there is a free utility that will convert a GEDCOM file into an Excel, Access, or Comma Separated Values file. Called GEDxlate it can be downloaded free of charge at Looking at a genealogical database in another system, such as an Excel spreadsheet, provides the opportunity to view the data in a different format. For example, an Excel spreadsheet shows the data in columnar form. Glancing down a column of names might identify misspellings more easily. Sorting a column, such as the birthdate field, might uncover inconsistencies in the data.

Reminder: Help Grow the Shoah Victims’ Names Database
Yad Vashem wants volunteers who are willing to contact local institutions and individuals to grow the Shoah Victims Database whose principal documents are Pages of Testimony. With the aid of promotional materials Yad Vashem has developed, volunteers will reach out to survivors and their families and assist them in registering the names of Jews who they know were murdered in the Shoah. This will be done through synagogues, Holocaust centers, Jewish Community Centers, Jewish student organizations, senior centers and social service agencies. To volunteer send your name, address, phone number and e-mail address to with the subject heading "Names Volunteer."

To submit a Page of Testimony, there is a link on the left portion of the screen from the Basic Search page at Click the words “Submit Additional Names.”

Possibly Useful Web Sites
The following references to genealogy-relevant web sites were gleaned from various digests of JewishGen.

Index to births in Dinaburg/Dvinsk/Daugavpils 1868–70, 1872–74. This is the link to the 1868 list. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links to the other years.

A list of children and youth deported in 1942/43 from the former Volksstaat Hessen—369 in all: deportkinder-u-jugendlichen-uas-dem-ehemaligen-volksstaat-hessen.pdf

List of Jews who died in the Gurs camp:

Listing of rabbis from Bohemia, Moravia and elsewhere at

New Book: Road to Victory: Jewish Soldiers of the 16th Lithuanian Division
We are now shipping our new book Road to Victory: Jewish Soldiers of the 16th Lithuanian Division. The book contains first-person accounts of the participation of Lithuanian Jews who fought in the 16th Lithuanian Division of the Red Army. In addition to these accounts, there is a yizkor (memorial) section listing 1,215 soldiers who died, giving name, father’s given name, year of birth, rank, date and place of death. There is an index of persons mentioned in the other sections of the book. All told some 2,500 people are identified.

Order Road to Victory at At that site are two sample articles from the book. The book, 376 pages and softcover, costs $29.00 plus shipping.

Deadline for Renewing Subscription to AVOTAYNU at Reduced Rate Is April 20
Because some areas of the U.S. and other countries were slow to receive the Winter issue of AVOTAYNU, we have extended the deadline to renew subscriptions at as discounted price to April 20. U.S. subscribers received a return envelope in which to send a check. Non-U.S. subscribers can renew by credit card at At that site, U.S. subscribers can renew for three years by credit card.

Contribute to the Success of the International Institute for Jewish Genealogy
Help support a dynamic institution that in its brief existence already has been the catalyst for such benefits to Jewish genealogy as the Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching System,  Sephardic DNA and Migration project, inventorying the Paul Jacobi Collection of 400 prominent Ashkenazic lineages, the Proposed Standard for Names, Dates and Places in a Genealogical Database, and a system for Integrating Genealogical Datasets.

Visit the IIJG website at and read about these developments, as well as  ongoing and proposed projects.

Make your tax-deductible contribution by credit card or PayPal at Click the Donate link. If you prefer, mail it to the Friends of the International Institute for Jewish Genealogy, 155 N. Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Make the check payable to “Friends of the International Institute for Jewish Genealogy.” Donations are tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

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