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  German Jewish GenealogyLibrary Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy
by Angelika G. Ellmann-Krüger with Edward David Luft
This monograph is a concise directory of which library sources are valuable additions to archival resources and how to use these sources efficiently. It describes information that readers will find in monographs, periodical articles or collective works, such as family histories, genealogies, autobiographies and biographies, details on Jewish cemeteries and name adoptions, lists of victims of the Holocaust, etc., and lists of members of Jewish communities. The book gives details of German libraries, among them, scientific and university libraries, as well as specialized libraries, all holding literature relevant to Jewish family research as well as how to access access to the most important Online Public Access Catalogues and to the online ordering services--Subito. Mailing addresses, phone, fax and e-mail addresses of about 50 of the most important German libraries in the field and Internet-addresses (URL) of the German Online Public Access Catalogues and virtual catalogues. [Table of Contents]
7" x 10"    88 pp.    softcover    $20.00

Russian Jewish Given NamesRussian-Jewish Given Names: Their Origins and Variants
by Boris Feldblyum
Based on a book published in Russia in 1911, this work presents to the English-speaking reader a comprehensive collection of Jewish given names used in Russia at the turn of the 20th century--more than 6,000 names in all. These names are+ also included in a dictionary of root names which shows its etymology as well as all variants of the names identifying them as kinnui (everyday names), variants or distortions. The introductory portion of the book is a historical essay that reviews the evolution of Jewish given names from biblical times through the late 19th century in Russia. [Table of Contents]
7" x 10"    152 pp.    hardcover    $35.00   $19.95

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