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Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
Avotaynu, the leading publisher of  books on Jewish genealogy as well as, AVOTAYNU, the journal of Jewish genealogy is pleased to present the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index (CJSI). CJSI is your gateway to information about 699,084 surnames, mostly Jewish, that appear in 42 Different Databases . These databases combined contain more than 7.3 million records. CJSI is sequenced phonetically rather than alphabetically using the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex System. Therefore, spelling variants of a name that sound the same are grouped together.

What is a "Jewish Name"? Some people use CJSI to determine if a surname is Jewish. The fact that you find a surname in this index does not necessarily mean....   more>>

Advanced Search Option
This option is meant only for people that are familiar with soundex searches. If you enclose characters of the name being searched in brackets it signifies that the letter should not be soundexed but must appear as is. For example, searching for the name Tartacki will provide all elements of the database that have the soundex 393450 including those names that start with the letter "D" which has the same soundex code as "T." However, if you request a search of [T]artacki, you have specified that the initial letter must be "T." Any number of consecutive letters may be bound in brackets. Any number of sets of characters can be bound in brackets. Users should be reminded that attempting to reduce the number of false positives may, in fact, eliminate true positives, so the feature should be used judiciously.

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